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Removing companion app

It seems like my daughter can just delete the Smart Family companion app off her iphone with no difficulty. It doesn't prevent her, or require a password or anything. This can't be as intended, as she then doesn't have any content filters. Am I missing something?

Re: Removing companion app
Customer Support

It's as intended.

Here are additional details.

The experience differs based on the type of phone your child has:

  • Android
    • The child must enter a specific code for it to be removed from their device.

      Note: This code can only be retrieved from the parent device.
    • If the Companion app is removed, a text message is immediately sent to the parent and is displayed as a tamper error on the child's dashboard in the app.
  • Apple
    • If the app has been removed, the controls are no longer active on the child's device.
    • Parents receive a notification within 48 hours that the app has been removed.