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Usage Control on iPhone 4, yes or no??
Just got my daughter the iPhone 4. I see so many conflicting reports on Parental controls. Can someone please let me know a definitive yes or no on adding the usage controls? Time restriction, etc. Does anyone out there know? Thanks!
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Re: Usage Control on iPhone 4, yes or no??
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Usage controls are only available on non-smartphones. The only smartphone that can have usage controls is the Droid Incredible 2, and they do not work with the newer data plans.

Re: Usage Control on iPhone 4, yes or no??
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Thanks for your inquiry! Usage controls was previously not available on the iPhone, but it is now available. It is available on the majority of smartphones, but not LTE devices at this time. To add Usage Controls:

  1. Sign in to My Verizon.
  2. Click on More Actions under the I Want To... section.
  3. Select Set Usage Controls under Safety & Security.
  4. Go to the Profile tab. You will see the mobile numbers in your account.
  5. Click Add to Usage Controls next to the mobile number(s) you would like to subscribe to Usage Controls.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and click Submit.
  7. Set desired voice, messaging, purchase and data allowances, along with blocked numbers and / or time restrictions for the selected line(s).
  8. Add phone numbers to the Trusted Numbers list, allowing communication regardless of other set restrictions. 


**UPDATE** As of 10/25 Usage controls is available on LTE devices.

Re: Usage Control on iPhone 4, yes or no??
I have tried to talk to a customer rep at a store and they informed me that the iPhone can only be set up on the phone. I have tried the suggestion in the previous post and had no success from entering more actions. T want to never changed, as stated and I could not change or add parental controls. Would stil like to do this please advise
Re: Usage Control on iPhone 4, yes or no??

I just want to clarify, as I literally just got off the phone with a representative a little while ago, and I signed up for Usage Controls on one of the iPhone 4 phones on our plan. Though Usage Controls are supported on the iPhone, do Verizon's DATA PACKAGES support Usage Controls? From what I'm reading this was the bigger issue. Right now I have a 2GB data package on the phone in question. Will this limitation prohibit the ability of Usage Controls, more importantly the Block Calls/Text feature for up to 20 numbers? Please advise as soon as you can, as if I just signed up for an extra charge that will not even benefit my line of use, then I'd like to cancel it immediately. Thanks.