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Why are some of my friends (non-verizon) being notified that their number is blocked?

I have several friends and fellow military men that are non verizon users (one lives above me) and they are getting notified that their number is being blocked.  I have reviewed all of my services and can not find that they are blocked?  Please help, my friend upstairs is dying from cancer and I am now listening for loud thumps on my ceiling....

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Re: Why are some of my friends (non-verizon) being notified that their number is blocked?
Customer Support

Being able to contact friends and family is definitely important locojoe61 and I can understand why this concerns you. Let's find out what could be the issue and how to fix it. What phone do you have? Have you had this issue in the past? Are you able to send and receive text to the individuals who are advising there number is blocked. Are you able to call these individuals? I recommend to have them try dialing your number differently. Maybe not from there contacts on their phone but have them to try calling you with and without the area code. Also have them try with and without a 1 infront of the area code and phone number. If you are able to send and receive text and call them. The issue may not be with your phone. We can check your account and phone settings to ensure your not internally blocking them. I look forward to hearing from you with the make and model of your phone.