How is the "New" Verizon Up any better than the old Verizon Up?
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Supposedly this "new" Up service was going to be a much better customer experience than the "old" Up service.  So far, I'm not seeing it.  In fact, there are fewer discount offers, no more Verizon dollars, and there's been no improvement to ticket access service.  Super Tickets are still extremely limited, which is very frustrating.  You can literally watch the countdown hit zero, and in less than one second "All tickets have been claimed". 

C'mon Verizon-- you have nearly a hundred million customers.  You have the resources to negotiate better discounts with other companies, offer better discounts on VZ products, and surely you can purchase more than a couple tickets to just about any event out there.  

Now granted, Up is a perk, and not really part of the service. I get that. But when you change the program and tout it as "better", it should actually be better.  

Re: How is the "New" Verizon Up any better than the old Verizon Up?
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Hi, CallMeAl! Thanks for reaching out with your feedback! We know getting the most out of the VerizonUp experience is vital. Feel free to send us Private Note us if further assistance is needed.