Verizon Up
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Verizon Up to me is now a worthless rewards program.   What is currently offered is not for me.  I loved the gift cards from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.  Is Verizon looking at bringing back gift cards to Verizon Up?

Re: Verizon Up
Customer Service Rep

Hello, there. We are concerned to hear you are not finding he Verizon Up rewards program useful. We do appreciate all feedback as we work to improve our customers' experience. Rewards for Verizon Up do change often. Please continue to check your account for any updates that you may find beneficial, and see the link below for details. Thank you.



Re: Verizon Up
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Completely agree.  Not even rewards anymore, just coupons for overpriced products.  Bring back the gift cards! T-Mobile is starting to look better and better w/ their perks.