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12901, Plattsburgh NY from 4 to 2 bars since Spring 2019

Since this past spring in Plattsburgh, NY my service anywhere in Plattsburgh including my home location of Plattsburgh where I used to have 4 bars (LTE) & is now no more than 2 bars at any given time with my iPhone.  Sometimes it says no service at all while at home or other locations in Plattsburgh.  My friend spoke with a CSR from Verizon today in response to a service ticket that was created who said their service has maybe decreased because of trees & construction, really.  Most trees have been cleared due to new business coming to Plattsburgh.  They sent my coworker a generic 2 minute video of how to boost service just ridiculous of which he had already done.  So I worked at at 1 of Verizon’s competitors previously & I would say they are robbing from Peter to pay Paul.  Simply put Verizon lacks the hardware at the switch to service average customers along with business.  Therefore, they are less worried about you & I than big business.  Time to shop around, I switched from AT&T because of slower service but was better than Verizon’s current or lack there of. 

Re: 12901, Plattsburgh NY from 4 to 2 bars since Spring 2019
Customer Support

Raisanbread, each and every customer no matter how big or small does matter to us. We are saddened to hear that you are experiencing service issues and do want to get to the bottom of this. While we can never guarantee indoor coverage, is there a specific location where you experience this outdoors? When did this begin? You mentioned that the area is growing which certainly could add to what is happening with your service. How far do you need to be from this area before you see improvement?


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