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15 years, Verizon Wireless doesn't care if I leave?

My wife's phone (iPhone 6s plus) is running really slowly, so it was time for a new phone. When I contacted customer service, I mentioned that my wife had suggested that we switch to T-Mobile to save money. I asked if there was anything that could be done, even a small discount on the new phone or service, and I was told absolutely not, and to just have T-Mobile call when we needed to have our phone numbers ported over to their service.

After 15 years with Verizon, you couldn't do anything? I mean, not even a small discount or something to make the wife happy? It just doesn't make any sense...

Well, so long Verizon.

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Re: 15 years, Verizon Wireless doesn't care if I leave?
Sr. Member

Hi SEAJER88, let's slow down and see if we can figure out some solutions at the forum here. Myself I've purchased two iPhone 6s plus 128 GB in the past, and still have one being used. So can you explain what seems to be the issue happening with the iPhone? See if we can get some participation on the forum and resolve this where you've been here for 15 yrs.

regards Salisbury

Re: 15 years, Verizon Wireless doesn't care if I leave?
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Verizon cs reps do not have the ability to offer and special discounts on plans. This isn't your cable company. Your suggesting that CS reps do something that might jeopardize this jobs. If t-mobile is better then switch and be done with it. As long as Verizon network is better than T-Mobile's and as long as Verizon continues to gain customers and have the lowest churn in the industry they are not going to be as cheap as T-Mobile. You don't stay with Verizon because they are the cheapest.

Re: 15 years, Verizon Wireless doesn't care if I leave?
Customer Support

SEAJER88, we value your 15 years of loyalty, and would never want to see you go! You mentioned your wife's iPhone 6s is running slow, and you advised the customer service representative your wife suggested going with a different service provider to save money.


We strive to provide an exceptional customer service experience and to hear you this was your recent experience is unsettling. We understand the importance of having a functioning device, while staying on a budget. I want to help. I've sent you a Private Message; please respond through that email to assist further.



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Re: 15 years, Verizon Wireless doesn't care if I leave?

Assuming your wife has had that phone for some time as it is an older model, it may be time for the battery to be replaced. iPhones have long been known now to lower performance on degraded batteries, this could be the issue she is having. You can easily search for this as its been widely discussed and "supposedly" fixed by Apple through iOS updates.

With that said

Her issue would NOT be Verizon related but due to the iPhone itself

Re: 15 years, Verizon Wireless doesn't care if I leave?
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I hate this mindset. I've been shopping at Walmart for over 15 years, doesn't mean I can ask for $100 off a new TV. These prices are set by the manufacturer anyway. To be mad at Verizon for that makes even less sense.