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4G speeds slow to a crawl during peak hours every day of the week


Every day at work when I need to use my phone, mostly lunch time, I get less than 100kbps download speed and an insane amount of delay.

Using an LG VS987. I understand that the network can overload, but at this point why is it still getting overloaded everyday around the same time? I see numerous posts about this same issue and the same cookie cutter responses, trying to blame it on anything but the network/towers. Once the problem gets narrowed down to the network/towers, they say we can put in a trouble request. Why do we, as the users, have to put in a request when we don't have ANY information regarding the Verizon network? The towers in this area need to be upgraded and it likely won't happen because of the eventual 5G rollout. That just doesn't seem right... Verizon advertises certain speeds* and yet we don't see those speeds at all times because of the little asterisk next to their ad. Its actually a disgusting practice and I can't believe a company as big as Verizon needs to prey on their users like that just to squeeze extra bandwidth out of their network. Their network should be fully capable of responding to influxes of users because their is plenty of data(like numbers on a spreadsheet) that can backup the implementation of a higher bandwidth where and when it's needed... I'm just amazed its up to user reports for Verizon to find out about huge bandwidth issues that seem rampant. I thought Verizon was more expensive for the superior network quality but that clearly isn't true anymore.

I know my phone is working well, I know that because during non-peak hours my data speeds are fine. I switched back to Verizon in the hopes of getting priority network because I assumed Straight Talk was just getting shafted during peak hours. I now know it's just Verizon's network that Straight Talk was going off of.

The worst part is that I still get crazy slow speeds throughout the day at work during non-peak hours. Maybe its because of where I work, the amount of people nearby can be staggering sometimes, but this is absurd and should be remedied. I will be switching to either T-Mobile or Boost if this continues as I've heard good things from their users regarding peak-hour usage.

Zip code where I work is 98204.


*speed may lower during peak congestion hours

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