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$500 roaming charge while in Key West?

Kind of long. Returned home from 2 cruises on March 13 ...19 days from home. Dropped off rental on March 14 and every time I called my wife's number I got a welcome to Verizon Financial Services.  Over and Over.

Called Verizon....Customer Service looked up my account and stated they tried to reach me because of extremely a high roaming charge ( $500 ) since I did not respond they blocked my wife's number and that is how they handle it.

I told her that it was fraud.  We were out on 2 cruises one in Caribbean on February 24 then switching ships to go transatlantic to Spain. My wife never used her phone and had it on airplane mode the entire time. The agent transferred to the Fraud department that would handle refund and reinstate the number. Explaining again to the new agent, he found that on February 25 someone used a entire (one conversation) 175 minutes of roaming which had pinged off of tower in  Bermuda . My first cruise was 5 days out of Miami on the 24 of February and first stop on the 25th was Key West Florida. Obviously south.

How could I be roaming, I asked. This is the first scary how he said well Florida is so close to Bermuda so it was possible.  I "nicely" stated that Key West is 90 miles from Cuba and at least a thousand miles from Bermuda. Then he suggested my wife lost her phone but I explained she did not and even so it is not roaming in Key West which I know is a crazy place sometimes but come on.

He finally kind of admitted, reluctantly it sounded like fraud but there was nothing he was authorized to do. I told him they blocked my wife's number because they thought it was fraud, case kind of closed ...for Pete's sake. My point is why does his job exist if he could do nothing but refrained.

Flabbergasted I asked to speak to a superior that could. Having been put on hold for a good 10 minutes he said they were all busy but they would call me. I said today and he paused and said rather hesitantly ... yes.

I told him we know longer have a landline and our patience would only last a few hours or I will cancel my 13 years of Verizon service and switch. From my front window I can see a AT&T store. This all happened around 10 AM and it now 2:30.  $ and 1/2 hours and counting. I already stopped auto pay and at 4 PM today  will head across to the AT&T store AFTER calling cancelling Verizon. Frankly, I have never had a problem but this is beyond incompetence.  



Re: $500 roaming charge while in Key West?
Sr. Leader

What does the bill say the charge is for?

Did either of you use Wifi calling?