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$800 Verizon Trade-in Scamm 2021-2022

I saw a $800 dollar trade in for an Apple Iphone 13 Pro deal with Verizon. Despite having a decent phone (Samsung Note10), I decided to give it a try as it was a very good offer.

I did the usual: filling out documents and took the new iphone home and sent in my older phone once the trade-in package via UPS arrived. A few days later, Verizon confirmed it received my old phone and soon after sent me a appraisal value email at $33.33 for 24months =$799.92. I was told that the promotional credit would kick in within 1-2 business cycles. 

Fast forward 1-2 billing cycles (Jan 2022), the credit did not apply and I called Verizon to resolve this matter and told me it will be rectified again 1-2 billing cycles. 

Comes March 2022 the credit did not apply and I called Verizon to resolve this matter and told me it will be rectified again in 10 days. They did not even know what promotion I was even referring to until I provided my confirmation number of the trade-in.

FYI Verizon:
Asking Apple may be helpful, they still have the promotion information up on their website. 

May 2022: I look at the bill and only got $300 over X months credit towards my bill. I called Verizon and informed me that I did not sign up to one of their premium 5G plans and did not meet the tier level to get the full $800 dollars. If that was the case, why would I consider the upgrade or also if I really wanted to get the promotion, I would have made the plan upgrade to begin with to qualify me for the deal.

This is total non-sense, because the promotion nor did the staff did not mention any sort of plan requirement to qualify for the offer. 

They failed to meet the condition they set forth 3x on rectifying my promotional credit taking up nearly a year. Once they rectified the credit, they did not provide promised amount. 

Like forreal? Is it logical to trade in a phone that was out only for 2 years for $300 dollars and get into a 24-30month contract  when its competitors offer the same deal (and honors it) without any durational requirement.

Once I figure out my contractual duration, I am cancelling my services with these Scamm. 

Re: $800 Verizon Trade-in Scamm 2021-2022

I am going through the same thing with Verizon. As advertised, I was expecting $700 dollars for my Samsung S10+. Since I bought the phone in October, I called them 4 times regarding the trade in credit and each time I was assured that the credit would show up in the next billing cycle which of course didn't. 

Fast forward to May, I was reached out by a senior customer representative after submitting a complaint with BBB with a news that I wasn't eligible for the offer because the offer was expired and now they only offered $440 dollars for my phone.  However, each time I called the customer representative, I was assured that I am eligible for $700 dollars. 


At this point it feels like they clearly stole my phone . 


Re: $800 Verizon Trade-in Scamm 2021-2022

Same! It took 7 calls, each well over 1hr long, and each time having to re-explain, to finally get a rep that knew what she was doing, and was willing to escalate properly to make sure it was solved. Rebecca was her name. Sweet southern accent. She got it done when all others failed and even made stuff up. Like, they are sending the traded-in phones back to me, so that I could them reinitiate the process all over again. Despite my explaining how absurd that was the rep insisted. Even made notes in the account about it. Needless to say the trade-ins never came, and when I did finally get help from Rebecca she saw the notes and commented how bewildered she was by it. I’m convinced VW is playing a numbers game… the more they cause this issue the more people get frustrated and just give up to pay full cost.