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Allegedly Unlimited Plan Leads to $800 Overage!

As a consumer, all we want is honesty from these companies. 

And like clockwork, they mess us over.

In my case, I had Verizon's unlimited data, text and voice plan.

This month it went up $800! So much for unlimited. My $148 monthly bill this month is $950

This is so profoundly offensive that I am now looking to leave Verizon and that will be for life.

After having been messed up by this surprise, I will NEVER use Verizon again. I don't even care if I lose my number. This is just profoundly expensive. At least I now will have a new hobby out of it: bashing Verizon on any and every forum I can find.

Re: Allegedly Unlimited Plan Leads to $800 Overage!

Something is missing from your story. Please post the detailed line by line charges on the bill. If it changed suddenly from one month to the next, then also provide the previous month's bill charges so the community members can compare the two billing cycles. When you provide the information, don't include any personal information. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Allegedly Unlimited Plan Leads to $800 Overage!

as a forum member, i also want honesty from members when posts are made slammin verizon.

i'd venture to say you're only telling part of the story & we aren't mind readers of what really happened ,that you didn't mention.

Re: Allegedly Unlimited Plan Leads to $800 Overage!
Sr. Member

You make me wish I could downvote a post.


You're not being upfront with your story. You don't get an overage with unlimited data. Period. Unlimited, grandfathered or current, the worst that happens potential for a speed drop -- NOT an overage.


Considering overages only occure on tiered data (you also get text alerts as warnings), you don't have unlimited data. This sounds more a fixed rate of data without safety mode turned on or a case or not checking your bill to see what plan you actually have.


Absolutely nothing honest about your post.