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Another upgrade rant/question

So here's the deal...same old story that I'm sure a lot of people are dealing with. Verizon flat out terrible when it comes to current customer upgrade policies. My wife and I have been with Verizon for I'm guessing at least 15 years and my wife was with them even before that. Up until now we really haven't had issues with upgrading when it was "time" to get us new phones. We keep our phones a long time so we don't need to upgrade every year and we don't want to always be paying for a new phone. We are both running IPhone 7 phones right now and they are getting tired. When I upgrade I don't want to upgrade to last years or 2 years ago models. I want the newest because we will keep it at least 3 years and it wouldn't make sense to start out with an old phone and have it outdated earlier in our usage. Verizon says our phones are worth $67 trade in. It's terrible. I'm not trading in a working phone for $67. If I was a new customer I could buy an iPhone 11 and get another one free, but since I'm a loyal customer my reward is a middle finger and sorry, we have to find ways to bring in new people. Don't tell me they can't afford to lower prices of phones to current customers when they are willing to GIVE AWAY phones to new customers.

I guess my question is, has anyone found a way to get a good deal when upgrading to a CURRENT iPhone?