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Bait and Switch tactics -- train your sales personnel


 Long Verizon user who may switch... On Jan 19 I went to a local verizon store to purchase a phone (already have 5 lines), I worked with a sales person  (Northlake Mall - 28269) who assisted me with an Iphone Xs, (note)I always pay for my phones in full. He informed me that the were having a promotion of buy one get one free.. So I took the "bait".. the sale person informed that I would be on the hook for 24 months for paying the "free" phone but an alleged credit would zero out the payment.. 

sounded like a no-brainer  (ha - remember nothing in life is free)


fast forward to today.. 3.9.2019
 I noticed I wasn't getting said discount and the sales person handling me went to her manager/supervisor (a very caring customer oriented person - not) and informed me that since I paid for the primary phone in full that I wasnt eligible for the promotion.  much to my surprise..

To state I am a happy customer (maybe not in near future a customer) I paid the "free" phone in full..

Thank you Verizon for excellent customer service..

To anyone contemplating leveraging any Verizon's future "promotion"

Buyer beware.

sorry for the vent -- but really dont appreciated getting messed up by deception.


Re: Bait and Switch tactics -- train your sales personnel
Customer Support

This is definitely not the experience we want you to have. It is always our goal to provide you the best customer service at all times. Rest assured the last thing we want is to provide you inaccurate information. Apologies for any miscommunication. Did you pay the full amount and taxes at the store?



Re: Bait and Switch tactics -- train your sales personnel

I have had the exact same experience!  I purchased a phone in December 2019 for an existing line. The salesman said there was a promo for a free iPhone 8 with the purchase of a new phone. After many many questions and being assured this was in the up and up I took the bait. I took the free phone as well for an existing line to replace an older phone. The deal was I would be charged for the phone initially but a credit would show up on the same bill.  I even paid a check for the taxes on the phone in the store. Well the credit never showed up. Turned out that the promo required a new line be started.  The salesman knew very well that I was not opening up a new line.  I have spent many many hours in the phone.  Last month a supervisor agreed to finally give me the full credit for the phone. This month it was again charged. I contacted the reps again and they said that the credit was denied. I was never told that. I have been a customer for at least 15 years. Probably spent $20,000.00 on Verizon. Am switching service right when pandemic allows me. I am also actually considering a class action.  I am finding many many customers that bait and switch has happened to. Reminds me of Wells Fargo when they opened up accounts for non existent customers. 

Re: Bait and Switch tactics -- train your sales personnel
Customer Support

We would never want to see you leave the Verizon family! Have you been able to speak with the sales agent who you purchased the phones from? This may have been an in store only offer.