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Beware of grandfathered military discount removal

Solid 25+ year customer with five lines and until March, a military discount grandfathered at the $40 rate from a few years ago.

I was surprised by the complete removal of the military discount on my April bill, retro to March, with no notice. Called and the agent said Verizon had removed it in error and it would be returned in May, along with an $80 credit for March and April.

May bill arrives with no military discount, nor any credit. Started a support session, uploaded my original military discount approval email from years ago, and from there it went completely south. Every agent has had a different excuse and answer. The thread has been going on for five weeks and is insane to read. Requests to connect with a supervisor were ignored or outright refused.

I was told to re-register for the military discount again even though I had proof of the original approval. Fine. I re-registered and validated, and the discount was finally returned on the June bill, but at the $20 rate. Asked to have the grandfather rate returned and was advised that because I had removed the discount (huh?!?) and then added it back, I no longer qualify for the old rate.

This was clearly a concerted and sneaky effort by Verizon to boot me off the grandfathered rate.

I get that there are price increases, it's the underhanded way this was handled that irritates me, and it's not congruent with my past experience with Verizon. I'd always rationalized Verizon's considerably higher cost by the quality of service - both cellular and customer service, which has always been exemplary in my experience. The former is no longer a competitive edge for Verizon in my area, and this recent escapade is utter trash.

I have nobody under device contract on my account so it's a painless switch. I hadn't looked at the competition but this motivated me; T-Mobile is almost $90 cheaper for a comparable plan. If their customer service turns out to be trash, so be it. At least it's cheaper.