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Billing Issue with Resold Phone

I couldnt  find where to start a new conversation , here is my issue you might want to sit down.

I had to live out of town for several months due to a family sickness and the last thing on my mind was to check right away to ensure my bill was correct, I only like looking at my bill from a computer cause I am old. Any way end of April I am sitting in m,y car and I know My payday is coming close so I decide to look at my bill and OMg I wiseguy out like my heart sank into my chest. Now I talked to different people before contacting verizon, but i contacted verizon that night. they said they would send it up to be looked at. well i never heard from them. Im still out of town with sick family member. Ive been with verizon for 11 years and never had any problems infact i had several friends move to verizon. what had happened was a phone i took away from my daughter (23) and her boyfriend got sold by them cause they stole it from me. I didnt realize this till i got this bill. over 2700 dollars, Back when i took the phone from her I shut the phone service off but continued to make payments on the phone. I did this all online cause I hate waiting for someone on the phone. now mind you a year has passed my bill has always been correct never h ad any issues so why should i worry. always paid my bill too. I get home and the next month bill is about to comeout and I hadnt got the May bill fixed yet. so I call again get the run around and told because I didnt contact them sooner I am responsible for YEMEN phone calls on this phone that my daughter left the sim card in and I did not know she had taken it and sold this phone to an blockhead. far as I knew the phone was off. I just hadnt closed it out cause I have another kid that was working towards getting his first phone. now mind you the first person back in April I talked to was supposed to shut that phone off for good and he did not so this unknown person continues to use said phone. now my bill is 6700 dollars and I AM NOT PAYING for this garbage. I will gladly pay for my usuage and my phone payments but I will not pay for YEMEN calls. this is rediculous. you can track that phone find out who has it and go after them. even go after the people they were calling. anyways they didnt care that I would leave them and go else where. they said they had plenty of cutomers. my normal phone bill is 700 a month. I am pretty sure only buisnesses pay that kind of bill. BTW we are retired disabled veterans and we get treated like this.