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Billing for international outbound calls

I just got off the call with customer support person on phone. I spoke to Renee and then her supervisor Denise.

The experience was horrible - instead of trying to understand the problem, both Renee and Denis tone was accusatory and condenscending.

The problem I was calling for was that since July 31st I am getting charged for making international calls.  I have Verizon service for several years and ever since the international calls is blocked so I or my child do not accidently make calls. I have always used Google Voice to make international calls without any problem till now (July 31st).

On Aug 6th I chatted online with customer support person and explained my problem. The person explained that international call blocking was removed and he will put it back on and credited the refund - thank you.

Today, I made international call from my phone using Google voice and immediately noticed that I am being charged by Verizon. I called support and spoke to Renee. She told me that international call block is not enabled When I explained her the history and asked how international call block was removed, she could not answer. On contrary Renee told me condenscendingly that they gave me credit once and cannot give me another credit and told me that there is no way to block the call. I asked to speak to her supervisor, Denise who basically repeated the same story from Renee. 

Both of them came up with arguments that did not make sense. First, Denise told me that the international call block was removed by default because I changed the plan to unlimited calling in January. However they could not explain why I did not get billed from January till end of July even though I make international calls every week. Second, on Aug 6th they could see in their system that I had a call with support and the block on international call was enabled but could not explain how it got removed within 7 days.

When Denise could not answer by above questions, she tried to sell me "smart family" for extra $5/mo to block international calling. 

What should I do? Customer support person refuses to troubleshoot the problem at their end. Do I switch service to another carrier even though I like Verizon.