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Blocking calls from KNOWN SPAMMERS?

When I get a call from a number I do not recognize, or there is no contact Caller ID name showing, I let it go to voicemail. Then I scan the MISSED call log. A few times, I have looked up the number on a Who'sCallingMe website....only to read that they are a KNOWN SPAMMER. 


why isn't Verizon Wireless automatically blocking KNOWN SPAMMERS yet? They have heard, Congress has heard, the world has been YELLING to stop these Robocalls.

Re: Blocking calls from KNOWN SPAMMERS?
Customer Support

I understand how frustrating Spam calls can be HusbyBytes. I experience them too and I definitely get the annoyance that these calls cause us all on a daily basis. We would love to help as much as we can. We alongside all other carriers are doing all we can to partner up with the FCC and all the needed parties to do all that we can to minimize these calls as well as to get one step ahead of these scammers. As of now, Call Filter detects spam calls and if you have the Premium Call Filter then you can also report the spam calls that we do not have on our database. Since we all experience callers that spam call us, this a tool that everyone can contribute to in order to alert everyone of a particular number that you may want to be aware of. You can also set the spam threat level so Call Filter can automatically block those calls for you if they have been reported as spam numbers.

You can find this information (number 8 & 9 under "Mark a number as spam" and "Automatically block spam calls with your spam filter") here:

As we develop more features and new tools to minimize these calls you can stay up to date using our email updates service found here:

I know that I have provided you a lot of information, but please know that we take spam calls seriously. We are doing all that we can to help improve everyone's experience. Let me know if you have any questions about the above features as I want you to be able to take advantage of these options to help reduce the number of calls you receive. I know I have provided a lot of information. Do you have any questions regarding the information I have provided you? - Amber