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Cannot wait to be able to switch back to AT&T

I've had to contact customer service either 4 or 5 times over the last 2-3 months... in person, by phone, and by chat. No one wants to help. Trying to get through the automated phone system, or waiting on hold until you get someone, only to be told you have the wrong department and you get disconnected when they transfer you starts to raise my blood pressure a bit. I keep hearing, "the bill takes a couple months to work itself out... it won't be right for a couple months." But it appears that one of the four lines I have isn't showing any sort of trade-in credits at all, and the other lines had them from the get-go -- that seems to indicate maybe one of the phones I returned didn't get applied to the right account. Especially since they sent too many boxes; and I keep getting notifications that I need to send in my trade-in. But all of the customer service people read from the same script and don't really try to help solve the problem. I once upgraded 5 phone lines and 5 tablet lines in one visit at AT&T and NEVER had any type of issues like this. I switched because of a good upgrade deal, but next time I'll factor in the cost of lousy customer service.

Re: Cannot wait to be able to switch back to AT&T
Sr. Member

Too bad you didn't search the forums before switching and you would have seen all the complaints about this.  Seems no one knows what they are doing these days. Doesn't at&t give it's long time loyal customers good upgrade deals?  That's what they were advertising a while ago in my area where as all the great deals on verizon are for new customers and new lines.  I choose to watch for a sale at best but and pay cash up front for my phone so I don't have to go through this stuff.  Plus I shop at best buy a lot so have dollars off from their ree reward origami I can use towards a new phone.  

Re: Cannot wait to be able to switch back to AT&T

I've always hated Verizon's IVR. Verizon incorrectly refers people to call 800-922-0204 even if general Care wouldn't be who they need. They're really bad at making direct department numbers be easily accessible to the general public. They don't work with Google to help improve searches so people get a clear distinction between Verizon Wireless' customer service number and Verizon Communications customer service number.

They can easily fix the issue of waiting in the wrong queue and they deliberately choose to ignore it.

Re: Cannot wait to be able to switch back to AT&T
Customer Support

We would be happy to review your lines with you to ensure they are getting the trade in value they qualified for. To allow us to do so, please leave us a Private Note here, or reach out to us online @VZWSupport on Twitter or Facebook. *Robert