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Cant get my email off of someone else's account profile

has anyone else had their email address connected to SOMEONE ELSE'S prepaid account? I have called customer service 2xs and no one is able to remove my email from the account because it can't be verified. Of course it can't! its not my account. Please someone help. I don't think this other customer would like it that i am getting all their account related emails, and I certainly don't like that my email is connected to their account

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Re: Cant get my email off of someone else's account profile

Yes to your question and I also have called numerous times to get it fixed. Not long ago I received the full name and numbers of the person using my email and now I am wondering if the same thing has happened with my information. I was told this would be taken care of also but no action has been taken as I just received another email today. So what is going on with Verizon? As I have looked through the other complaints it seems this has been going on for some time! I noticed customer service did respond to some of these but no update as to whether it really fixed anything. Hope we can all get this resolved once and for all!

Re: Cant get my email off of someone else's account profile
Customer Support

Napoleoly it should never take that long to get an issue resolved. We care about your security. So that we may access your account and take care of this for you, I have sent you a Private Message.
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