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Company Wide Decision to Turn on Hot Spot- Complaint

I just got off the phone with Verizon customer service, addressing an issue with the free mobile hotspot promotion over-riding the permanent blocker for the mobile hotspot.  They told me that there is no way to permanently turn off the mobile hotspot access during the COVID-19 crisis promotion of 15 GB of free hotspot because they embedded the code COMPANY-WIDE to turn on the hotspot for EVERY single person without an opt-in option, regardless if they had the blocker for mobile hotspot access previously.  This is ridiculous for a number of reasons, and needs to be addressed:

1) My main reason for seeking to turn on the blocker is that I am a therapist who assists pornography addicts with recovery, and as a recovering addict myself I know that a mobile hotspot is a sure-fire way to work around pretty much any and every filter available, which is why I and my clients all use the blocker. Verizon is the only service that offers a permanent blocker at the customer service level that prevents mobile hotspot usage on data-use devices. In fact, I've convinced dozens of people to sign onto Verizon for that very reason.  Now, because of the assumption of someone at the top that everyone wants more data, without the option to opt-in or out of the free "gift", I have a dozen or so therapy clients who have started to access porn again, and are angry and guilty beyond belief because they had been doing so well in recovery. In addition, I have a handful of clients who are angry because their kids now all of a sudden have way more data than they ever wanted for them to have, and access to hotspots etc...

2) Secondly, I would argue that it is wrong for a company to force services on their customers if they do not want it.  There should be an option to participate in promotions, even in times of crisis, for every customer, rather than an assumption that people always want more free stuff.  A few years ago there was outrage with Apple because iTunes forced download U2's new album into every users iTunes library, with no opt-in. The company never really apologized, and everyone still has that stupid album still.

All I was told from customer services was "you'll just have to wait until the crisis is over and the company decides to stop the promotion." Well, blockheads, that could be months from now, and I have clients whom I'm desperately trying to help. 

Verizon needs to do something about this. The ideal would be to re-write the code so that it does not over-ride people who have the permanent block set up on their accounts, but who knows how long or even if that will ever happen. Also, make promotions into opt-in or out deals, don't just assume everyone wants what you are offering.

Now,  I'm waiting for some smart-butt to either dismiss this concern or respond to this post trying to tell me how to help addicts because they know nothing about recovery or the distress its causes people who have any sense of morality or religious affiliation. 

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