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This is not a question but it is a complaint I’ve been a loyal customer for 11 years and verizon has done me wrong since June. First of all my mobile internet started not working at all I talked to tons of reps and I got was the run around a i talked to 2 supervisors and one sent me a replacement phone and it didn’t work anyway so I sent it back. I got a new SIM card and nothing my data was just not working. All of June I talked to someone everyday, out of about 15 reps who said they’d call back two called back to update me with information so they’d say. I talked, emailed and texted with technical support and a supervisor. The one supervisor who sent me the new phone and sim would txt me back and forth until she just gave up because she ran out of excuses. The one rep said ok they’ve checked the towers it seems like your plan is not compatible with the towers. I had and mind you had because Verizon pushed me to change my plan I had the grandfathered unlimited 4g plan and they said that plan was too old that it wasn’t going to work I said I’ve been with Verizon for 11 years with the same plan and now you’re telling me Verizon can’t make one of their own plans work with what’s coming in future plans they said they’d get it working. June 24 I was told by the 26th itd be ok and compatible now we’ll that never happened in July I called again and again still no valid reason. I talked to a rep and he said you know what no ones being truthful with you this plan is too old and starting next year we are doing away with them they will not work I said well that’s garbage you make your loyal customers get rid of something they’ve had for so long just because you can’t make it work for us? The rep said sorry to say but there’s no way to make and old plan work. So after 2 months or so of calling and going in to the store and being treated like I was stupid and like I didn’t know what I was doing I gave up I changed my plan to a cheap basic plan that other companies charge less for and honestly compared to what I had this is basic cruddy service. In my old plan I had unlimited data for my mobile data and my hotspot it worked perfect and now it’s basic coverage. I’ve been wanting to vent somewhere because I’ve been such a loyal customer  and to be pushed around like that and to be made to change my plan is unbelievable. I do have verizon for now still but I am very upset with their customer service out of so many reps I got maybe 3 really good ones. Today I had a question on my other lines phone from Verizon and I asked about it in the store a few days ago and today I called Verizon and they said call the ins dept I did. The insurance said Verizon was supposed to give me warranty info so to call them it’s all about the run arrounds with these people.