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Corporate complaint on unresolved overcharge/billing

Verizon has erroneously charged me 172.25 for a third phone line on my account that should—as verified by several Verizon employees—never have been added to my account.

I need to escalate this complaint as it was unresolved at lower levels, and request immediate resolution. Details follow:

- On June 6, my husband and I went to a brick-and-mortar Verizon store in Alexandria, Virginia. He wanted to trade in an old iPhone, purchase a newer model, and switch his Sprint phone number to a new Verizon account. Similarly, I wanted to switch my phone number (then covered by my company under a corporate account) to a new personal Verizon account and also trade in an old iPhone for a new model. He was able to open the account that day, I was told the model I wanted had to be special ordered and needed to be done online

- On June 15, I spent roughly an hour chatting with a Verizon representative on your website who instructed me to purchase the new phone that day through her and then once I received it, to release/transfer my old phone number to the new phone/account.

- I received my new iPhone on June 18.

- Upon returning home (roughly June 21 or 22) I called Verizon to activate the phone and transfer my number, as instructed. I was transferred to the corporate accounts division where the representative explained the way the purchase was done was not correct and she had to spend an hour or more untangling issues before we could get the phone working and the old number applied to the new phone (which was opened under a brand new line). I was told then that the extra third line would be deleted, and the remaining charges for the new iPhone would be applied to my correct line.

- I examined my bill in July thinking it was unusually high to find the extra line had not been deleted, and in fact I was being charged 172.25 for this additional line that should not have existed. I called Verizon customer service and was told again the way this was set up was not correct and that the number would be removed. I was at first instructed to just pay the 172.25 and then hopefully they would credit it back on a future bill. I asked if there was any way to avoid paying that upfront to avoid an unnecessary overage. The rep then instructed me to pay the portion of the bill for the two correct lines (which I did gladly), and not the remaining 172.25 as it would later be credited or zeroed out.

- My husband and I both started to receive notices that our service would be disrupted and we would be required to pay additional fees for reconnection if the 172.25 in overcharges was not paid up front.

- On August 2, I called Verizon again and was told, ONCE AGAIN, by two separate individuals reading the notes on my account that it was not set up correctly and I should not have been charged. The first solution they offered to me was to keep the third line and just drop it to the most basic plan, which is an absolutely outrageous suggestion. The second person I spoke with offered to credit me 60 of the 172.25 as she was unable to manually adjust any other charges. She then noted that there was no way to further escalate the issue on her end, other than by sending a snail mail letter to the corporate office with no indication of how long it would possibly take to be resolved. 

I understand that employees will have varying degrees of experience and training, but this has been an absolute mess from start to finish. I have received poor guidance or unmet assurances throughout each of these interactions and no real solutions to the problem. They were all very nice people, and they are no doubt hindered by corporate red tape and restrictions, but this is an unacceptable business practice.

Has anyone found resolution to a similar issue? I'm about to walk away from Verizon. 


Re: Corporate complaint on unresolved overcharge/billing
Customer Support

 We truly want to help you the best we can. I would like to investigate your information. I have sent you a private message so I can further help you. 


Re: Corporate complaint on unresolved overcharge/billing

Walk away. 
Truly the best advice this 20+ yr customer can give you. It didn’t use to be this way. There used to be a soul to this company, now it’s just a bunch of rinse/repeat call center transfers, as you experienced, running the end level customer experience. I was also told the rep who ordered my replacement phone for a previously “lost” phone - that I had paid for in full -  had not processed it correctly. I landed in a lease that is not receiving the promised offsetting credit.  

Not within my control, but now my problem & no simplified means to access a Company-qualified individual there with the authority to take charge & handle.

It’s a depressing & endless loop of time wasted and incompetence now that they’ve outsourced/placed the heart of their business into the hands of people who cannot resolve & who escalate the irritation & frustration further by not following through on promises to call back. 

It’s designed to make you go away. There is no access available for the customer to reach a legitimate Verizon employee based  in this country who can resolve a convoluted problem. Mine has been ongoing since May. 

Good luck to you if you haven’t bailed & moved on to a competitor by now.  You really should. They’re not in it for you. That’s been made evident by my recent experience.  

Re: Corporate complaint on unresolved overcharge/billing
Customer Support

Hello AboutDone. We're truly sorry to learn that you've had experiences with us that has you feeling this way. We appreciate your business and surely don't want you to leave us. Please send us a Private Note for a review of your account concerns. 


Re: Corporate complaint on unresolved overcharge/billing
  • False Advertising for Iphone Upgrades - Verizon Community 
  • Same thing happed to me again’s the third time this has happened. 
    I have six lines and long time customer and after talking to the rude salesmen on line I’m looking to change provider who will not put out false adverting and have respectable employees.
  • they charged my credit card.
    did not by the phone as the price was not the same as it was in my cart. 
    called again to remove charge but all they waned to do is sell me a phone. I have now gone to my credit card company and disputed the charge. 
    Verizon was always good up to two years ago then buying a phone became a problem with sales charges and time you have to spend doing it.
    then time going back to get things corrected. 
    I will call for a supervisor on Monday to give Verizon one more chance to make things right. 
    I don’t like change but just can’t deal with kind of service anymore. 
    going to start looking for a new provider. 
    I just talked to my brother in CA and he is having same problem 
  • WOW ! what happing to Verizon. 
Re: Corporate complaint on unresolved overcharge/billing
Customer Support

First and foremost, we thank you for providing such detailed information.


As a long-time valued customer, please know that your concerns are always our concerns too. We'd regret losing you as our customer and we'd like to continue being your wireless service provider for many more years to come. 


We'd like to continue working with you to turn these issues around. We've noted your reference about contacting our Leadership Team (By phone) for asssistance. We can be reached at 800-922-0204. However, we'd be more than glad to work with you. All we ask is for an opportunity to do so. How does this work for you?



-Robert C.