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Customer Service is NOT helpful...and I need Help!

My family has been with Verizon Wireless for the last 10+ years, but I am halfway out the door. I called back in Feb and spoke with a gentleman about upgrading my service so that we would have ample data in the coming months, with no slowdowns. He suggested Unlimited, and I agreed. Fast forward 4-5 months...I take some time to sit and review my bill because it seems as though its progressively gone up each month and I see that since Feb we have been charged over $500 in overages. So I think to myself, no problem, they can pull the call and see that its their error and they'll credit the charges back. Well I spent over 2 hours on the phone last Friday just to be told that I need to hand write a letter (excuse me, what?!) to corporate with my complaint and then wait to hear back. Ridiculous Verizon! With social media, email, text, phone...why on earth is the only way to resolve an issue to hand write a complaint and snail mail it? If I have no other choice thats exactly what I'll do, but in the mean time I'm now getting threats to disconnect my service for non payment (I hesitate to pay any more to be honest). So I called again today, and after 35 minutes on the phone I was told to speak with Financial Services to have a hold placed on my account. The lady I spoke with was kind, but all she could do was give me a week to make a payment, and hopefully I've heard back by then...not going to happen since it could take upwards of a week for my dumb letter to make it to the address I'm mailing to. If there is ANYONE out there that can offer a better solution, I'd love some help.

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Re: Customer Service is NOT helpful...and I need Help!
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So wait, it's a complete strangers fault why you don't check your bill? Excuse me? When my own bills are even a dollar higher I question it.

Agents don't have access to specific calls let alone calls from months ago. There are dozens of centers and teams within those centers. Verizon has millions of customers. This is why it's important to be on top of your bills regardless of what they are for to catch issues early on.