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Customer of 19 years possibly terminating accounts


I've been with Verizon since 2001, current account since 2017. I also used to work for VZW. I am also a 100% disabled vet, and currently get admitted to hospitals, staying on average 4 months a year,  half of which is usually in ICU. Issues tend to be something I really don't want to deal with in my current state,  but here I am.

In the past when I've upgraded lines,  or taken advantages of promotions,  I've been able to add the new line and swap phone numbers with one of my regular numbers then terminate the old line not in a contract.  I've done this through esn swaps and so on.  I've done this for customers back when I worked for Verizon wireless and done it myself either online or through customer service. 

I ordered the new Note 20 ultras through a customer sales representative, I also did the bogo with a new line. At that time I was told I'd have no problem swapping the phone numbers over after I activated the new phones. 

Once I received the phones I couldn't find the option to do this in the app, so I called customer service. This representative started to do it, but then informed me that I would have to wait for the first billing cycle to end and a new bill to be generated. So I waited till today. 

After calling today the representative informed me I can't do that at all,  that by terminating the 3rd line without the contract after swapping numbers I would lose my bogo. After over an hour and 20 minutes with him he finally transferred me to the supervisor who was extremely rude and just wanted to be off the phone. The supervisor just repeated the same. 

After being refused to do the swap I requested to just do a return of the phones.  Well since I had to wait for the first billing cycle that pushed me past the 15 day window. And so both the representative and supervisor refused, the phones were activated on August 27th.


I have never had this problem with my self, or my previous contract (still active but transferred to my parents before getting this new account). I ended up with this new contract because we were at max line on my first contract. 

BTW this is just 1 of the problems I am having right now with Verizon. Some how Verizon and Samsung have messed up up my current account and when I try to buy devices on Samsung, Verizon sends Samsung my old phone number, that hasn't been under my name ever on this current contract and is activated on a completely different Verizon wireless account now.  That problem is being worked on by Samsung's office of the president and higher up Verizon communications. 

At this point if i can not get this working in the next day or two, I am ready to just jump ship over to Google Fi. I know the contracts would just stay under my name but this doesn't really worry me at this point. 

I would greatly appreciate any help with this. 

Thank you. 

Re: Customer of 19 years possibly terminating accounts
Sr. Member

The first part was completely unnecessary. 

If you worked for VZW you know that is false churn and Verizon is catching on to that. 

Re: Customer of 19 years possibly terminating accounts

You can believe what you want.

 I have no need to lie here.