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I'm looking for some assistance to relieve me of the headache this Z Fold 3 is causing, if anyone has experienced a similar issue and found a way out let me know. It's very well known it has manufacture defects in the center fold of the screen (as I have recently discovered, and should have looked into prior to getting the phone). I've had the phone for 4 months and treat it very well, I went to open the phone the morning of 2/19/2022 and watched a black line form its way down the entire center fold of the screen causing the right side of the opened screen to no longer work. I've been a member with Verizon for 15 years and used their insurance claim process twice when I was a teenager, not a peep since. Do you think they provide the same level of loyalty as their customers do to them? No shot.

I chat with Verizon Saturday morning, who told me they can't do anything. So I took it to a retail location, waited almost 2 hours for someone to help and then felt like I had to stand on trial just to get them to understand it wasn't an insurance claim. I didn't damage the phone, there's not a scratch on it. Finally, they said they were going to ship me a warranty replacement but I might be charged $500.00 if they deem it was caused by me. Don't google how many times this has happened like I have. They also made a point to mention that even though I have insurance, I'd still be charged $500.00. So here I am, after another hour phone call with support this morning with the nicest support agent Amberlee, who I am assuming is contacting their loyalty team just to be told there's nothing that can be done for me, again, you think 15 years of membership would at least get you directly to the escalation team. This issue will happen again no doubt in 3-4 months, and I'll have to go through this process again. Get me out of this phone and take it off the market.

Never missed a payment, never escalated any issues (until now), just to be treated like some a**hole looking for freebies. Don't send me another $1800 phone. Wouldn't it make sense to keep your $1800 phone and let me get something that's $1000 which would in turn keep a long time loyal customer happy? Sure it would, but why would they do that when they can refurbish the phone I'm required to send back and continue to be greedy. Looking for recommendations on carriers. Ready to move on.

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