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Data usage on Fusion device

We have a Fusion device with Cantennea for our internet connection. Only have 20 GB or data per month. We have a timer on the Fusion device that goes off at 11pm and comes back on at 6 am. There is no reception for any data during that time.   Plus, we always  break the connection between our coumputers and the WiFI in the house when we log off.  However, on several occasions between 1 GB and 1.9 GB has been logged against our puny total  between 11 pm and  6 am.  This last billing period, that totaled 6 GB of our meager 20 GB. What the heck is going on with this? Seems like robbery to me!!!!  Any thoughts about this? Does this happen to you?

Re: Data usage on Fusion device
Customer Support

MuchoMas, I too would be concerned if I was showing usage from my Home Fusion device during times it was powered off and not in use. I appreciate all of the efforts you have done to manage your usage. We only provide data sessions that are requested by your device, and some usage can be delayed in reporting. I'd like to start by gathering some additional details. When did this issue first start happening? Have there been any patterns as to when you see this usage during off-hours?


Re: Data usage on Fusion device

We had the same problem, we only use it for e-mail and our data skyrocketed, Verizon's only response was to jack up our rate plan.  We took the equipment offline for 7 WEEKS while out of town, and we got billed for 186 data sessions with nothing connected to the line.  Honestly, I think their Home Fusion and data calculations are a total scam, otherwise why would there be so many complaints about it?  We got rid of it to solve the problem.  Verizon just blows it off.  We also had a Smart Hub AS A BACK UP in case our wireless broadband went down.  The Smart Hub took over our devices and had the data run through it, rather than our existing provider.  Got a bill for $860 for data (we pay $40 a month flatrate on our broadband provider) from Verizon when their SmartHub commandeered our devices.  Took it out into the yard and put a bullet through it.  Verizon is not an honest company in any way. Sorry, YOU earned it.