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Dead Spot 2 miles west of US Route 1 in Lynnfield, MA (just west of Suntag Lake)

For years I have had poor signal strength at my home, just 2 mile west of US Route 1 (opposite side of Suntag Lake, a drinking water resevoir for city of Lynn, MA.)  Signal strength is never more than the first two lowest bars.  Msg and voice are difficult to make and receive. 

A trouble call was placed 1 month ago and I was told by Customer Service that someone would call by now.  The excellent customer service rep from AZ went through all obvious refreshes and updates one can do.  Still 2 bars max. 

Know a bit about electromagnetic signals, I suspect that the hill near my property is between my phone and your cell tower.  Since I live just about on the junction of US Route 1 and US 95 two major highways are within 2 miles of my home.  Surely there are other cell towers that I should be able to access.  There is an Amnerican Cell Tower within visual sight of my home.  It is located in Peabody, MA just east of US Route 1 don't think you are on it because I wouln't have this problem.  There are many residents in my area who should also have poor service.


As you say about your "largest network," "Do I hear You?"  The answer is NO.


What can Verizon do about this?  Obviously Verizon could provide a roof top repeater if that is the problem.  (They are not expensive.)  The repeater could be used by me and all my neighbors.  There are other solution too.  I been a customer for over a decade.  If Verizon does not care then maybe I need to revisit my provider choice.



Re: Dead Spot 2 miles west of US Route 1 in Lynnfield, MA (just west of Suntag Lake)
Customer Support

Verizon doesn't want you to leave. Service concerns are never good news. Our goal is to help. It is important to note that all cellular providers cannot guarantee coverage indoors as many factors outside of Verizon’s control can contribute to indoor performance as we recommend Wi-Fi to improve an indoor experience. Do you have Wi-Fi available? What make and model device do you have? 



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