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Death of a person on your account

I am not here to help anyone, just want my voice to be heard. I had a terrible experience yesterday at a Verizon store.

Backstory - my 24 year old sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in November. I added her to my phone account so I could pay her bill, her phone was her life, it was the only "normal" she had. So when my sister passed away in the beginning of July I called Verizon and was told I could only avoid the early termination fee for removing her phone line if I showed a death certificate to an employee at a Verizon store. Makes sense to me, I was not upset about that in fact I completely understand that. It was when I went into the store to do the process of removing her from my account that I was sickened.

When someone has lost a loved one, the last thing they want is someone trying to SELL them anything. I had to spend 30 minutes in the store and on the phone to remove my deceased sister from my account, and I must have had them try to sell me another phone or an ipad to replace her number with at least 5 times. That was ridiculous, here I am already dealing with more then I can handle trying not to cry in the store and they think it is the right time to sell me something?!?

I have never said anything bad about Verizon, I have always told all my friends "no I've never had bad customer service" or "I love Verizon my phone always has service I'd never change" yesterdays experience is enough to make me change my mind.

Maybe Verizon needs to be teaching their employees some etiquette and tact with all the money we spend on their services.

Just a rant, but I am sure I am not the only person who has had to deal with an experience like this with Verizon.

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Re: Death of a person on your account
Customer Support

I'm sorry to learn of this experience, LizYoung. I know that dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult. I apologize for your experience in store. We can submit feedback for this location. Which store did you visit?

I want to make sure that we were able to address your concerns. Has the line been removed and the termination fee waived?

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Re: Death of a person on your account

Yes everything was taken care of on the account.

It wasn't just the in store guy I ended up having to call the 611 number on my cell phone to do it the guy in store only asked because the lady on the phone asked him to. It was the 611 number that was all into the selling me stuff.

The store I went to is an authorized agent I don't think it was a "Verizon" store.

4444 4th st n st Pete fl 33703.

Thank you

Re: Death of a person on your account

I had a similar situation with my father.  He passed away 6 monthes ago and I am still paying for his phone (device payment and service).  I can understand paying for the device but they could at least cancel the service and leave the payment plan on my account.