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Disconnected After Making Arrangement

I made a payment arrangement last week, March 12, 2021, paid an amount that day, and set up my next payments through April 26, 2021. Yesterday, March 20, 2021, my service is disconnected without warning. I get through to a Verizon rep and they tell me that my arrangement set up with a live rep didn’t protect me from having service interrupted. If that’s the case why wasn’t I informed on the 12th and why take my money? I then get told I could have my service restored for $600, but lose the call, when I get back through to another Verizon rep, they tell me that’s not correct and it would be $900. How do I know they aren’t just going to take my money again and then disconnect me a few days later? This has been a very hard year and I consistantly pay on my bill the best I can, but this is ridiculous. If I could shell out $900 I wouldn’t have made my arrangements through the end of April. Is Verizon not doing anything to help people who have had their lives destroyed by the pandemic? Is this their way of telling people they don’t care and to just get another carrier?

Re: Disconnected After Making Arrangement
Customer Support

I am so sorry this happened. The last thing we want is to lose you. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have. I completely understand how you feel to have your service interrupted without notice, especially if you thought your payment arrangement would protect the account.


When you set up a promise to pay with our Financial Service department they are able to protect the account from interruption. However, if a payment arrangement is not completed with Financial Services and they only set up future dated payments, that does not protect the account from interruption. 


Once the service is interrupted the only department that is able to restore service is Financial Services. If you are paying the full past due amount to bring the account current, your service is automatically restored within an hour. You can reach our Financial Service department by phone at 866-266-1445 to see if there is any payment arrangement that can be done to restore service.