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Dissatisfied Customer

I just want to say how very dissatisifed I am with the customer service that I have received in the past 2 weeks from the VZW team.

Issue one is with my daughter's phone and the failing battery.  I PAY for a protection plan that covers equipment failures.  It's not a gift from Verizon to me.  It's not Verizon being nice and replacing a defective device.  And yet I am treated like I am trying to steal something from the company when trying to get what I pay for.  And the CSR LIED to me (Strike 1) about when the replacement device would arrive after 2 days of trying to PROVE that the device was defective.  

So when the device didn't arrive when promised, I called and spent about 45 minutes being passed around to three agents.  Finally the last guy discovered that the agent last week never got approval from her supervisor for the replacement and it wasn't even being processed.  So he got that straightened out and assure me I would have the replacement device the next day (Today, Aug 7).  Well just checked the tracking number and that was another LIE (Strike 2).  It hasn't even been given to the carrier (the USPS) and it might get here by Friday...maybe.

Issue number three came in the form of trying to upgrade 2 lines to new phones.  When Line A was upgraded, Line B was cut off.  I contacted customer support (abuse) again and they assured me that they got it straight and when I activated the second phone, there would be no issues.  That was also a LIE (Strike 3) because when my son, who is several hundred miles away, activated phone B it took on Phone A's phone number and now Phone A was disconnected.

I can understand mistakes.  But being lied to by numerous CSR's is inexcuseable.  I have been a VZW customer for over 20 years.  Have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars with this company.  But you are, by far, the worst customer service of any company that I do business with.

Re: Dissatisfied Customer
Customer Support

Joebeaudet, we always want our customers to have a stellar experience. To see that you've had an unpleasant experience is heartbreaking. Let's work together and assist in any way we can. Let's review your concerns one at a time to ensure that we come to an amicable solution. Please be on the lookout for a message from us.



Re: Dissatisfied Customer
Sr. Member

That's a weird way of saying Sprint.


Kidding aside, a CSR does not order warranty replacements, that's on tech. Considering battery, more on Asurion. As for phones being upgraded and having the wrong number, this sounds like a borrowed upgrade. Something that is user driven or communicated to a rep to do so.