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Dont use In-Store pick up when buying online

Just spent the last hour or so jumping through hoops and over hurdles trying to find out a simple answer.  Why was my in-store pick up order, which was placed 24 hours prior, not ready for pick up at the store yet?  The whole point of using that option was because, as the website says, the order would be available "in hours".  I foolishly believed that meant that day, or at worst the next morning.  Nope.  4 days they tell me since the order was placed on Friday and wouldn't be ready until the next business day, which is Monday.  The entire point of picking the in-store option is to have the order available right away.  I was willing to take the time myself to drive to a store and pick it up if it meant I could have the device that day.  But no.  I have to wait til Monday, which of course was how long standard shipping would have taken to deliver the device right to my doorstep.  An absolute travesty of customer service. 

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Re: Dont use In-Store pick up when buying online

I have never had a problem with in store pick up.

It usually takes an hour. Was the phone you were ordering out of stock or something?

Re: Dont use In-Store pick up when buying online

Personally, I am 100% not surprised by your experience.  I AM, however, very surprised by some of the replies I've seen on here with positive experiences with in store pickup.

I am currently 24 hours in to my third ever Verizon in-store pickup order.  I have never once, on any order, received an email that my order was ready for pick up.  Never.  I always receive the "don't go yet!!" email, but never anything further.  The last two were solved by me just calling or going to the store.  I would 100% bet my lunch that I'm going to end up at the Verizon store after work this afternoon, with no email (and no phone to check it even if I did) begging for my device that I should of been able to pick up yesterday at some point in the 8 business hours between the time I ordered and closing.

Never, ever ever ever use Verizon in store pickup.  It's a disaster, and much slower and more aggravating than shipping.  I know, you think you'll have your device today.  You probably won't, and definitely won't unless you roll the dice and just go to the store before you're supposed to.  It's amazing how Verizon, in 2019, can't figure out something that many brick and mortar stores had down to a science 15 years ago.

Re: Dont use In-Store pick up when buying online

When I ordered the phone online, I called customer service and spoke with a human being to make sure the phones were in stock at the store I wanted to pick up. They were then reluctant to give me the activation discount, since I had not done the whole transaction online, but I pointed out that the problem with the delivery/pickup system was what caused the need to talk to a human being. They were nice about it and still gave me the discount. I got the email about 90 minutes later, and picked up the phone before COB. The folks in the store were polite and helpful. A decent experience overall.

Re: Dont use In-Store pick up when buying online

When you go to the store, even if you haven’t gotten the email, did they give you the device? I was told bc I hadn’t gotten the email yet, that the device wasn’t connected to my account even though I’ve already signed all the agreements and paid what I needed to pay. Seems super fraudulent to me that they can refuse handing over an item even tho i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed already online. 

Re: Dont use In-Store pick up when buying online
Customer Support

mrcav12, In-Store Pickup is a great option that we certainly want you to take advantage of. We always want to make sure that we set up the proper expectations. Because devices that are ordered for In-Store Pickup will need to be set aside and processed by a designated team, you will be notified by e-mail when your order is ready for pickup. However, once you receive the e-mail confirmation for pickup, you will be good to go! We hope this information helps. For additional details regarding In-Store Pickup please click here: