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Drop calls

verizon as always been a great reliable asset until 2 weeks ago when calls began to fail (drop). I have done research and every attempt has been made to be certain it is not my phone. My sister who lives in the same zip code (97304) is having the same problem.  Today I went a step further and began asking various people if they have Verizon and have they experienced any issues.

Three individuals had Verizon (only asked 8 so good for Verizon).  Unfortunately, those three also have the same issues and their problems appear to have started the same time (10 to 14 days ago).  They all live in the same area (zip 97301, 97304).

Problems:  calls are failing and some are even failing to get through (all circuits are busy).

Thus far other service appears to be working (text and data).

Please,  I ask that you work to resolve any issues Verizon may be having regarding providing the reliable service we have come to count on from Verizon. Remember that other companies are always vying for new customers.

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Re: Drop calls
Customer Support

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Kate49. I'm more than happy to help you to come to a resolution. What have you tried so far to correct this issue? Also, do you experience this issue everywhere or only in this ZIP code?



Re: Drop calls

First let's start with the common zip code question... I have not traveled outside of the Salem Oregon area (97301 - 97304) lately to test coverage elsewhere.

As for what have I tried... does it matter since I am merely one of 5 customers with the same issue happening in the same timeframe.

To placate your request regarding what I've tried:

1) hard restart

2) verified my settings are correct with roaming, data, LTE, etc (although I made no recent changes).

3) checked for carrier updates

4) dialed various numbers beginning with * such as 83 (no success)

Again, my iPhone is completely opposite of my sister's flip phone (she prefers the security it provides). Keep in mind that there are 3 others as well with the issues one of which was an android phone and two were newer versions of iPhones. Considering the above information I am led to believe this is an issue with Verizon services in the area. To place a call and hear "the call cannot go through and please try later" is quite odd unless a local emergency is occurring.

Thank you for addressing this issue experienced by customers in Salem Oregon.

Re: Drop calls

You're not the only ones, I'm in Augusta Georgia 30906 and I'm dealing with the same issue with my Galaxy S8+. People have called me only to get my answering service or when they call I can't hear them and they can't hear me. Like you and your sister I'm tired of this mess and something has to be done about it. For the record I love my Verizon for Verizon and T-Mobile are the best but I don't need any drop calls or bad connections.