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Dropped Calls/Wi Fi issues/text not going thru

So for the past 2 weeks, I have noticed that my cell phone service has been terrible.  Calls are not coming in, I can't dial out, not text messages going out and the wifi is not working.  I finally called Verizon and she made it sound like it was all my phone even though I have the latest Apple phone.  I explained to her that my husband owns a Samsung same problem and my coworkers who have Verizon all have the same problem and it all originates around area code 79934.  Nope, she kept giving me all sorts of excuses as to why it was not Verizon.  Maybe a firewall, maybe my phone had to be reset.  She wasted my time and didn't even offer me a phone credit for the 2 weeks of bad service I've had.  I pay close to $400 a month to have unreliable service.  I don't think so.  Then sure enough it was in the news.

The following statement was released by Verizon from Steve Van Dinter, director of communications, with regard to cell service issues in the El Paso area:

If you’ve noticed your phone hasn’t been working properly as of late, you’re not imagining things. This week a wireless operator in Mexico turned on new cell sites near the US/Mexico border that have interfered with Verizon signals in the area resulting in dropped calls and slower data service for some customers in and around the El Paso area. Please know we are doing everything we can to fix this and get the network back up to a level you deserve and have come to expect. To get there, we’re working with the FCC to come to a resolution. And in the meantime, we have added capacity to our network to minimize the impact to our customers.

On Thursday, Verizon said it was continuing to work with the FCC to find a resolution.

Verizon said the issue is not one cell site on the Mexican border, but multiple new sites creating the interference.

So in the mean time,  I have to continue paying close to $400 a month, when the whole time Verizon customer service told me over the phone 2 days ago that there was not a problem at all in my city....yet Verizon director admits to newstation that there is a problem.  I have to keep paying close to $400 dollars for horrible service, when I can literraly go to another company like Cricket and pay $100 a month for the same service?  I don't know what bothers me more the fact that I was lied to, the fact that Verizon could have at least offered a phone credit in the meantime until this gets resolved or that I am paying close to $400 for cruddy service.  Very unhappy customer

Re: Dropped Calls/Wi Fi issues/text not going thru

Still having issues with my service. I get dropped to no service or 1x several times a day.  When will there be a fix for the issue?

Re: Dropped Calls/Wi Fi issues/text not going thru

I live in Arizona by the border and I am having call troubles.  I try to make calls and there is no signal.  The company says they have temporary fixes, I am calling today.  What about border agents and police who use Verizon because of it's great signal which isn't working.  This is why people call me and are not happy that I wasn't there.  I was there with my phone and I notice a message a few hours later.  The fellow I talked to yesterday morning was not nice.  The fellow I spoke to at night was good and kind and savvy enough to inquire as to whether or not I lived by the border.  I am going to try to get a fix today.  I live in the country by an illegal crosdsng corridor and now my phone with the best signal ever isn't reliable.  That puts me in danger.

Re: Dropped Calls/Wi Fi issues/text not going thru
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Providing you with superior service is the number one priority here at Verizon Wireless. We are concerned to hear that you are having trouble with your service, but we will definitely look into this matter as we know how important it is to have service when you need it most. When speaking with us over the phone, was a ticket opened regarding this matter? Do you have access to Wi-Fi to utilize Wi-Fi calling when indoors near this area? If you click this link here it will display information Wi-Fi calling as this will help improve service until this issue is fully resolved.