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Dropped calls suddenly

About a week ago, calls started randomly dropping.   I thought it was something I was doing- under a metal roof, etc, but then it got much worse and each call was either uncompleted or dropped.   I called tech support on my husband's phone (an iPhone 5C) and he said he made a few fixes and it may be better.   It was better for a day, but now I'm told that people have called me and I've never heard the phone ring, or received any calls.   My husband, currently about a mile away, called me, and it dropped his call to me as well (on my end, I got a 'call failed' notice). 

I have an iPhone 7, and had it for less than two years.   I can't call tech support- as I tried but the call dropped.   I have no landline, and my husband is not home.  

This is infuriating!   The airlines canceled my flight two days ago, and when I was on hold waiting to talk to a representative the call dropped.   I called again and left a call back number.   Two hours later they called- and the call dropped during the rescheduling.  That made them tell me the flights could not be rescheduled for the next day since I was so late getting back to them.  

A new phone is really out of my budget now, but could it be the phone, since my husband's old iPhone 5C works just fine?   Or is there something, anything, that Verizon can do for me?  

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Re: Dropped calls suddenly
Verizon Employee

Being able to stay on your calls without them dropping is crucial.  We are here to help turn this around.  A private message has been sent so we can assist you further. 


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