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Dropped calls under same plan or unable to hear you on calls

We've been having issues since 2019 ever since we switched to the "Go Unlimited LOYALTY" plan, that was sent to us an an "offer".  For something that was offered to customers who have been LOYAL, the services are anything but extremely poor.  

We have two lines on our account, and continually either drop calls, or the sound goes out and you can't hear the other party, whether at home or in other locations.  When we notified Verizon one of the many times, they said they could send a a network extender for inside one home.  When we asked how this helps us in the car or in stores, we were told we could purchase another extender to keep in the car.  The extenders are a bargain price of $249!  We would need to purchase another extender for our other line, as well as extenders for both of our cars, but it wouldn't help issues when we are either not in our cars, or at home.  

We've requested support multiple times, and get text messages that the issue has been resolved.  NOTHING HAS BEEN RESOLVED!  We are still having the same issues!  

Flash forward to today.  We contacted Verizon support.  They informed us we have the Unlimited Loyalty plan and our data is throttled and reprioritized during times of congestion.  Apparently, 24/7 is the times of congestion with Verizon, since it happens all the time. 

When we asked to be switched back to our plan we had prior to this great loyalty special (we had the 2G coverage where we were not charged overages if we exceeded 2G, we just experienced slower services), we were informed that we could not do that.  What we WERE offered, was to move up to the PREMIUM 5G plan, for an additional cost, AND we would now pay for overages.  WHAT A DEAL!!!

The entire Loyalty plan was nothing more than a Bait and Switch, which is illegal!  AT&T just paid out a $60 million settlement for similar Bait and Switch tactics.  

My best advice, stay clear of Verizon if you want good coverage and service.  It used to be a great company with excellent coverages.  Now, it's at the bottom.  

Re: Dropped calls under same plan or unable to hear you on calls
Customer Support

We value your loyalty here with us, KATRINA84. Our goal is for you to be on the right plan and have the best possible coverage. We apologize for this experience, and we want to provide you with accurate information. On the Go Unlimited plans, in times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than traffic. You can find more details on this plan using this link:


Also, systematically we are not able to switch to plans that are considered grandfathered. If your older plan is not available, you will need to switch to the current pricing. You can review the current shared data plans we offer here:


We want to get some additional details on the issue with dropped calls. Typically, our network extenders are meant to be used at home since they require a home internet connection to work correctly. To clarify, you are experiencing dropped calls when you are connected to the network extender at home?

Re: Dropped calls under same plan or unable to hear you on calls

I have two lines under my plan.  One at my house (with a network extender), and the other for my son at a different house.  Coverage for BOTH is horrible now.  Almost every call has times where the other person can't hear the other.  Doesn't matter the time of day or night. Even with the network extender, it still happens at home.  If we use FaceTime, it will either lock up or the other person can't hear the other periodically.  All of these issues happened when I was contacted about the great offer for "LOYAL" customers.  We are incredibly frustrated and ready to switch carriers.  The service is the WORST we have had in all the years we have used Verizon.  I was completely lied to when the customer service rep described the plan and how I was being rewarded as a loyal customer.  

I will be reporting Verizon to the FTC/FCC if this issue is not fixed once and for all.  AT&T recently settled a $60 million lawsuit on the same bait and switch data plan.  Guess Verizon will be the next for a class action lawsuit since I'm seeing so many others with the same issues.