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Emails sent to vtext showing as coming from myself instead of sender?

On my Verizon work phone I receive texts originally sent as emails to (mynumber)  We have batch processes that send the emails when there are fatal errors and they are being sent from "webadmin@(mycompany).com".  Prior to mid-Nov - those texts were understood as coming from that email address and were grouped under a contact defined for that address (i.e. "webadmin@(mycompany).com" so we could use a special ringtone (siren).  All of the sudden last month, the texts started be classified as coming from myself and therefore not setting off the alarm.  It appears like some sort of forwarding is maybe happening in the background?  I definitely don't understand how vtext works, I just mention forwarding because the body of the text before would look like "((prod) FATAL: ----- etc..)" but the ones misclassified as coming from myself say "(FW: (prod) FATAL: ...... etc)"  Someone at work suggested it might relate to the number of texts being send - because depending on the type of failure it could be sending (mynumber) anywhere from 1 to over a 100 emails at once.  However - this has always been true - and never was an issue.  Also - we have been using this method for many years and I've never had this occur before last month.  It's fairly serious because I missed several failures initially.  I went into my own contact and set the siren ringtone, since I'm never texting/calling myself, but I'd really like to get this figured out so the texts show as coming from webadmin again.

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Re: Emails sent to vtext showing as coming from myself instead of sender?
Verizon Employee


Having your texts show up correctly on your device is a big deal. We want to make sure you never have to worry about that as I know many texts are time sensitive. Missing important messages wouldn't be okay with me either. I'm glad to hear you found a temporary work around but we would rather that not be necessary. I'll be glad to help.

What type of device are you using? What text messaging app do you use on that device? Can you think of any changes to your device around the time this started? Do you know if your company made any changes to how they send those messages or where they are sending them to? Would If you view those messages now and look at who they are from do they no longer show they were sent by webadmin@(mycompany).com?


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