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Employee threatened to have me arrested.

With some ambivalence, I went online and ordered a new phone that offered an option that would help me communicate with extended family members.  Later that afternoon, I received an email telling me the phone was in, directing me where to pick it up, and telling me I would need a government ID and that email.  

When I got to the store, the gentleman at the counter asked for my PIN.  I told him I didn't know my PIN and asked if he could help me reset it.  He said he could not and said that I would have had to have entered my PIN in order to place the order.  I told him that was not the case, that I had only had to log in to MyVerizon to make the order - or else I'd have my PIN - and told him that the email said I would only need an ID and the email.  He said he could not help me.

I remembered that I had my laptop in the car, so retrieved it, logged into MyVerizon, and reset my PIN.  By now, my ambivalence had grown to frustration and I decided I didn't want the phone.  So, I went to the counter, provided my new PIN, and asked him to cancel my order.  He said he could not do that because I had ordered it online.  He said I would have to to go online to cancel it.  So, I sat back down and logged back into MyVerizon.

He angrily asked, "So, what, you aren't going to get the phone now?"  I said that I wasn't.  "Why not? You're just not getting it?" 

I said, I'm sure with evident frustration, but without raising my voice, "This process is just a pain in the butt and you've not helped." 

"Then you no longer have business in my store and you need to leave right now."  

I replied, "I'm in a Verizon store, doing online business on Verizon's website, and I'll leave as soon as I cancel my order." 

He replied, "You have two choices, you can leave right now or I'll call the police and have you hauled out in handcuffs."  

Needless to say, this was completely unexpected, over-the-top  action and, had a few variables been different, or had I had my video camera on, turned very ugly very quickly.  (This was in early June.)

In disbelief, I left, went home, cancelled the order, and began attempting to file a formal complaint.  To date,  I've learned that the store was not a Verizon Corporate store and that the guy was not a formal Verizon employee - though - again - it is where Verizon sent me.  

I'm not the guy who is always trying to wrangle a free dessert for perceived bad or slow restaurant service, but it seems that I Verizon would want to do more than provide soft apologies through Live Chat, explain to me that they don't really have jurisdiction over this guy or this store because it's not Corporate, explain to me that because it's not a corporate shop - the email was incorrect and he really did need my PIN (though none of this was explained at the time), and it seems they would want to do more than suggest that, as a long term customer, I might want to sign up for Verizon Rewards. 

One guy I did talk to took my complaint seriously enough that he asked me to stay on the line while he called the guy who had threatened me.  This took several minutes and after waiting through that, the guy came back on and reported, to no one's surprise, that the employee claimed there were other customers in the store (there were not), that I was loudly spouting profanities (I wasn't loud, though I did say, "butt"), and that I was belligerent (No).  And, that was that.  

Obviously, people suffer worse things in their day, but there's quite a bit of distance between "The Customer is Always Right" and "I'll have you hauled out in handcuffs."



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Re: Employee threatened to have me arrested.
Customer Support

We are sorry to read that you had this negative experience as we always strive to provide you with great service. We do take this type of situations serious and will make sure to forward it on to our leadership team even if this was at a third party store. Could you provide us with the location of the store?



Re: Employee threatened to have me arrested.
Sr. Member

It's not where Verizon sent you, it's where you chose to go. At checkout it's either have the phone shipped or choose in store pickup for places that were open. A quick search of the store link upper right of this site would let you know which stores were corporate and which or not.

Just like you need your pin over the phone to verify your identity, a store is no different. If it wasn't a requirement, it would be way too easy for fraud.

The store rep overreacted, but ultimately it's a private company. At this point, you were loitering with no business at the store. With Covid-19 especially I don't get why people are bothering going to stores in the first place, corporate or otherwise.

Re: Employee threatened to have me arrested.

Grand Rapids, MI