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Exasperating and frustrating situation

Me and my husband have been with Verizon for over five years, while working for the federal government overseas.  We returned to the U.S. five months ago and renewed our Verizon accounts.  The CSR convinced us to get the buy one get one free mobile phone.  

We have since discovered our monthly bills for two lines are over $240, sometimes even $280.  Other service providers charge $120 a month for two lines and throw in the device at no cost.

We are now opening a business and approached Verizon to see what business plan options there were that could also lower the astronomical monthly charges we are paying.

We were told if we switch to a business plan, Verizon could no longer honor the buy 1 get 1 free phone.  Not only that but our monthly payments would be HIGHER.  This all makes no sense to me, we want to grow our business and Verizon apparently does not.

Exasperating and frustrating situation with no apparent way out without paying $1,200 for both phones.

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Re: Exasperating and frustrating situation
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Promos are tied to the account they are signed up on meaning moving your lines to another account would get rid of existing promos. Moving to business isn't a toggle switch, a whole other account would have to be created.

It also doesn't benefit anyone to move to a business account with under 4 lines, it's the same set of consumer plans.

When you compare the cost of service between carriers it's not that dramatic of a difference. Look at the costs without factoring equipment cost and you'll see that. People pretend that other carriers don't also do device financing like Verizon does when it's standard.

Re: Exasperating and frustrating situation

The prices for Verizon plans and phones are published on the website. Did you look at this and compare it to other carriers? If you did why did you then choose Verizon knowing it was more expensive? Coverage perhaps?   
Verizon’s most expensive unlimited plan for two lines is $80 per line, 160 total before taxes and phones. That price includes a $10 per line discount for auto pay and paperless so you could be paying as much as 180 if you did not sign up for the discount.    Add taxes and the cost for at least one phone and I can see it coming to 240 quite easily.  
       Your choice.   You could’ve chosen less expensive phones. You could choose a less expensive Verizon plan now,   
    But this is the cost of being with the number one carrier for coverage in the United States. If you want to have second best coverage pay off your phones and go to AT&T.   Won’t save you a dime, but you won’t have Verizon to blame for the bill anymore.   
    You could also add other people to your plan to reduce the cost per line. I have both of my adult sons and my mother on my plan because five lines is cheaper than one for all of us.   

Re: Exasperating and frustrating situation
Customer Support

That't not how we want you to feel. How can we assist you? Just to confim do you need assistance with our business support team? JoelD_VZW