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Extremely poor customer service

On 01/08/22 I wished to trade in phones on two of my lines for upgrades. I spoke with an agent and I explicitly stated that I wished for in stock currently available phones because I didn't want to wait. Both phones I ordered were assured to me to be in stock with two day shipping so I was charged and I paid for my portion. Three days later my tracking info hadn't changed so I called Verizon and was told by a Verizon employee that my order had shipped that morning and I would be receiving it by 8 pm. After 8 pm I still hadn't received my agreed upon purchased items so I reached out to another agent via Verizon chat. Bella assured me that UPS  had picked up the order and it would be shipped that night or the following morning. After voicing that I didn't think this wait was acceptable after being told it would be two day shipping Bella informed me that it was out of Verizon's hands and if I wanted to reach out to UPS to voice my concern she would give me their number. After trying to file a complaint with UPS I received a notice from UPS that they hadn't picked up my order yet and it was in fact still with Verizon. After relaying this information back to Bella she asked me for the item description again(she asked me for the description the first time when she was verifying that the shipping issue was UPS's fault) after checking on this information for the supposed second time she answered me that one of the phones was actually out of stock and that was the reason that my two phones had not shipped yet and it would be another eight days before the phone was back in stock. Mind you I hadn't received any message or notification from Verizon of any of this on the contrary I was assured by one Verizon employee that my purchased items were in stock and I would be receiving them in two days and two separate Verizon employees assured me that my items had been picked up by the said shipping company and were under process through them. Through this whole process Bella did not seem interested in helping me out to resolve the issue but more-so to push the blame on another company on why my purchase from Verizon isn't satisfactory. Then after all this I was informed by Bella that there was no way for me to file a complaint on this matter. I believe in paying my dues and am not looking for a hand out but I do believe some form of compensation should be granted for this experience 

Re: Extremely poor customer service

I am trading in my current phone for this transaction as well. After seeing the numerous posts about trade in issues I am extremely worried about the trade in being processed properly. From the numerous posts as well as my personal experience it seems like this is not just a single employee issue this appears to be a Verizon staffing or Verizon company issue

Re: Extremely poor customer service

Same issues. Three weeks since Verizon took our money for new phones and still nothing to show for it. No indication on the website or when making the purchase that these particular phones were on back order.  No updates since in support. Took Verizon an hour+ on chat to confirm I had completed the order, then they said it would ship January 7, but that deadline has come and gone.

As of today still no indication in the online shop that these phones (iphone 13) are not available to ship immediately.

If something isn't going to ship immediately just say so, allow customers to reserve and make payment when it's available, notify of changes in shipping date by text or email. 

Bottom line: if you need to replace a phone quickly don't rely on the Verizon website or customer service to give you reliable information.