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Fed Up with Verizon and the customer service.

I have been dealing with Verizon for almost 4 months now with either taking unauthorized charges to dealing with Supervisers that charge me for everything possible. I went behind on my bill after getting a garnishment on my check so I tryed to comunicate as best as i can with Verizon. Between the long wait times and the charges for the payments the agents took and the reconnection fees as well as the over draft fees on my account I was even more behind. I have spook to many supervisers that do not care to tell you about any fees and they just take money or tell you you are out of luck and get over it. I had one tell me that I should have not got behind. I understand thinsg happen and i also work in customer service if i ever talked to a customer like most of these reps did i would be fired in a split secound this company has no real customer service they really just want there money no empathy and they deffinattly do not listen they just lie to get you off the phone only to find out the issue was not resolved and you have to call back again and wait on hold for almost a hour. I am seriously thinking of canceling my service because of all of this I have been with verizon for alomost 4 years now and had verizon with my parents since i was a teeenager and this is not a good way to go about customer service. I have literlly only spoke with one person that actually helped me between about a 25 calls within the past 3 months and the chat is also not very helpful all they do is say im srry and they will resolve it and never do. Also I would like to say the employee discount is not very good they state i have to be on a data plan and not unlimited witch makes no sense at all you guys are already getting more then enough money from with all the charges as well as un auth charges to me. and sucker you into new phone with promises you will get one free haha ya right found out im paying for my iphone XR with the "free Promotion" as not only the line charge but a $31 charge on the line as well. ha this company has turned into a joke and if someone does not take this I will be turning my services off next weekend.