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Filing A Complaint

I've been having many issues with Verizon for the past 2 years but this one takes the cake. 


On 9/2, we were attempting to update our phone numbers to reflect our new location. On 1 line,(Samsung phone) the number changed with no issues. The second line (iPhone) had issues with the number change and suggest I call CS for help. I contacted CS and informed the rep and made it VERY CLEAR what the issue was but for some reason his solution was to disconnect my existing phone number and give me the new number that the Samsung has, leaving that line not working. 

I called again to let them know that they've now created a new issues that needed to be fixed. They were able to switch back the number to the Samsung phone but was not able to update the iPhone. I spoke to 3 reps on this day who could not help until eventually one rep stated that the number switch order is stuck (whatever that means) and that I should wait 24 hours. He assured me that he would call back on the Samsung line, which was working fine.

After 24 hours, he did not call back so I reached out to CS again. The new rep informed me that the previous rep did not create a ticket and that she would do so, but again I'd have to wait 24 hours. She said she would follow up with me the following day. 

Fast forward to today 9/8, I've called CS every single day and no one has been able to help. My old phone number was already deleted by Verizon and they have not been able to give me a new number. No one has called me back to follow up and every rep I've spoken to has given me new info thats different from the last. One stated that the switch can take a few hours, the next says it could be 24 hours, now it can be 7 business days. So since 9/3 I have been without a working phone due to an error their customer service rep has made. 

Verizon has failed to keep every promise they've made since switching over from T-Mobile. My bill is constantly fluctuating with no explanation and their customer service is ABSOLUTELY THE WORST. Having Verizon is the worst experience I've ever had with a wireless provider. 

Re: Filing A Complaint
Customer Support

We are truly sorry to hear about your overall experience. Switching your phone number should always be a smooth transaction. All of your feedback is appreciated, and we will forward your concern to the proper channels. We would like the opportunity to investigate this matter and further review your options. Can you please send us a private message for review?