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Financial Service not restoring service after payment...

I had a past due amount which I paid after my service was interrupted. But, now my service won't restore even after a few hours. I called the Tech Support from a landline and he said reset network settings and so on, still did not work. I've been paying an arm and a leg for my service and after this I'm probably going to drop Verizon and find a different more reliable carrier, the least Verizon could do would be reimburse me for my days lost of not being able to send or receive SMS or make calls (2 days), I still pay the same at the end of the billing cycle. Pretty ridiculous.

This isn't the first time I've had issues with reconnecting after a suspension. You'd think it would be automatic restoration of service (takes up to an hour supposedly), but in most cases I've had to wait till Financial Service opens on Monday at 9am EST where as I live on the west coast (PST) so I have to wait till noon to call them.

After about 40 minutes on the phone with the tech he said all he can do is add in some notes and set up a call back on Monday at noon PST. I'm sure people are thinking to themselves "well if you just paid your bill this wouldn't have happened". Yes I agree, but when your bill is almost $300 it can get difficult when you're trying to pay other bills and keep a roof over your head let alone put gas in my vehicle. I would really appreciate Verizon to figure out this constant issue and get it resolved and help out the people that have had this issue. Hopefully before they have another lawsuit like the FCRA that happened in Pennsylvania.

I try my best not to take out my frustrations on the techs and support agents but this needs to be resolved and Verizon really needs to think about how loyal they are to their customers. Where I live there's 6 other major cell networks that I could choose from and all would literally cut my bill in half if not more. Yes coverage comes into question at this point. Verizon in my area is 3rd for coverage out of the 6 near me. The only reason I haven't switched carriers is because of the hassle of switching. But, after this I'm seriously contemplating spending the couple hours getting switched. 

To the Verizon agent reading this, please pass this message along to your uppers.