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Fraudulent charges

Hello everybody. Let me first say that it's taken a while to find out how to post anything. I've never had a ''community website'' work so hard at keeping anyone from posting. MAKE YOUR SITES USER FRIENDLY. 

I'm 42yo, paralyzed with 2 incurable life threatening conditions that I struggle to keep in check. I'm constantly fighting corrupt health insurance companies for care and staying alive is very expensive. I chose Verizon because I need the reliability their services provide.

I was charged $181.60 which is a HUGE DEAL FOR ME! After calling Verizon's customer service department, they have no record of the charge. They then gave me the phone number to call associated with this charge. After calling it I reached VERIZON IN FLORIDA!! Seriously?? COME ON!!! I'm amazed at how swiftly the buck was passed, call your bank. I wasn't able to stop payment because of the type of charge it was (emt). I filled out a dispute form with my bank. I'll be filling out a police report today. If this doesn't get resolved, I'm going public, starting with my social media followers and then, with my local news agencies. I most definitely will take legal action over $181.60 as a matter of principle. 

Doesn't Verizon have a fraud department? Why wasn't I transferred to them. This is a reaccuring problem, seeing how I'm not the only one it's happening to. IF A SCAM ARTIST IS COMMITTING CRIMES USING YOUR NAME, WOULDN'T YOU GET INVOVLED TO STOP THEM? YOU HAVE MULTIPLE PEOPLE WHO ARE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM! HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE NEED TO COME FORWARD BEFORE YOU TAKE ACTION? The money has to be going somewhere, track it down. 

In the meantime, I'm having to choose what medications I have to go without. 


Re: Fraudulent charges
Customer Support

kurtmpaul, we are sorry to hear about your current condition and we hope you are doing well. We can understand how receiving an unexpected charge on your monthly bill can be alarming. Unauthorized purchases are never something we want our customers to experience. We apologize for the run-around you have received. We do indeed have a Fraud department, in which you will be able to file a claim to dispute the charge. Please follow this link to get started. You will also be able to contact our Fraud team directly by dialing 888-483-7200 - Option 3; Sun-Sat7:00AM - 11:00 PM ET.


Additionally, we understand the importance of making sure you are able to easily reach out to us at any time. We value your feedback and we will forward your concern to the proper department. Outside of our community forum, you will be able to also contact us by selecting one or more of the options provided from this link



Re: Fraudulent charges
Sr. Leader

It’s not fraud by Verizon if they didn’t take your money.  Assuming you own account is correct, and not paid the $181, then yes, you dispute the charge with the bank, not verizon. 


Re: Fraudulent charges

I am out over $2,000 because the bank only goes back so far!  How did you contact verizon to get the phone number?

Re: Fraudulent charges
Sr. Member

They posted right here to get the number in Verizon's response below