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Frustrating Shipping Experience

Hi, this is more of a rant/complaint but I do have a few questions mixed in. My phone recently broke and I've been attempting to purchase a new device through Verizon for the past several days.

Last week, I ordered a new phone and paid extra for "Next Day before 10:30 AM" shipping. I selected this option as a I typically work business hours, M-F. I adjusted my schedule so that I would be home to sign for my new phone. However, it did not arrive before 10:30 AM. I had to go into work at that point but when I got home, I checked the tracking information and found that delivery was not attempted until 2:30 PM. 

UPS attempted to deliver my phone the next day but again, it was in the afternoon while I was at work. I went to the UPS store in person and was informed that they would attempt to deliver it one more time and then it would be returned to sender or temporarily available at the UPS Customer Care Center (only open 10:30 - 4). I went online to see if I could modify any shipping options and I was not able to schedule delivery or change delivery address so I selected "return to sender".

At this point, I just wanted a new phone so I went in person to the local Verizon Store. They did not carry the older version I had ordered online but I was fully prepared to pay $100 more dollars for the next available option. Unfortunately, there were not any associates available to assist so I left empty-handed.

I messaged UPS online to see if I could get that shipping refunded and they advised that I go through Verizon. I messaged Verizon Support online via chat explaining the full situation and they told me to call UPS---kinda tricky without a working phone. Even if I can't get the shipping refunded, another concern I have is that my Verizon Account indicates that my upgraded phone will be charged on my next bill. I'm hoping/guessing this is not the case and that it will not show up once my phone is fully returned but the chat agent did not assist with this question either. I can't even order a new phone through Verizon since it is still showing as if I already bought and received a new phone. 

I am very frustrated as I am just trying to give Verizon my money and buy a new phone but at this point, I'm thinking about switching providers all together. 

While I am phone-less, is there another way to contact Verizon to voice my questions/concerns (other than chat)? Has anyone had similar shipping issues and do you suggest I continue with trying to get in touch with Verizon or going back through the UPS?

Thank you!