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Have iPhone 4S w unlimited data, considering getting iPad w or w out cellular. Plans?

I have the iPhone 4S which I like very much. I am currently grandfathered in w unlimited data. I'm also considering getting an iPad, likely the mini. I'm debating about whether to get it w cellular.

W the iPhone automatically switching to wifi when its available & the small screen not being great for real extensive web use, my data usage is in the MB.

I expect that probably most places wifi would be available, but there may be some times when it would be nice to have cellular access in the cases where wifi is not available.

I'm a little confused by the options.

Am I correct in thinking that to get cellular coverage on an iPad I could tether or use my iPhone to provide a wifi signal to the iPad (or my MacBookPro)?

-is there an additional charge for this? (I had heard that there was, but see something about maybe not?)


get an iPad w wifi & cellular & then get some sort of data plan or pre-paid for that?

-pre-paid. The person I spoke to gave me rates for pre-paid which seem to be the same as a regular plan w

--$30 for 2 GB

--$50 for 5 GB

--$80 for 10 GB

When I asked her if there was a time limit on using the data, she called over to pre-paid & was told that it was still per mo. So I could pay $30 1 mo for 2 GB whether I use it all or not, & the next mo starts all over. & so the next mo I could either pay additional to get more data or not get data.

& then there is the post-paid which I think has the same charges. But I'm not clear if that is a contract that there is a termination charge if not continued or just what the difference is then between pre-paid & post paid.

& then there is the Share all plan (forget the name of it) which includes free hot spot or tethering (are they the same or if different, just what is the difference?)

But I'm a little confused how that would work.  If I went w the share all plan, could I have just my iPhone on it & then have free tethering or mobile hotspot for my iPad or MacBookPro?  I guess the hotspot provides a wifi signal to the other device(s)?  If so, I don't imagine I would need it very much--just in the cases where wifi was not available.

Or w that share all plan do I have to list & pay for all potential devices, even if they were just wifi only such as my MacBookPro or iPad? & if that is the case, what charges are there for them? & what would be the point of having tethering?  I guess that would allow non-cellular devices to access the network.

Of course my iPhone 4S is 3G. At some point I probably will upgrade, but my upgrade date is some time in Aug apparently, but I have no plans to upgrade any time soon.  I also read in the FAQ about the share all plan, that if I upgrade my device for a discounted price that I would lose my unlimited data. The only way to keep the unlimited data is to pay full retail for the upgraded device.

Sorry this is so long, but I'm a bit confused about all this & trying to clarify my options now about getting an iPad w or w out cellular & what that would mean as far as costs (besides the initial higher price which is very clear).

But I guess, also even if I do get an iPad w just wifi, that it could potentially be tethered or use a mobile hot spot, probably for an additional fee?

Or I suppose I could also investigate what AT&T or Sprint offer for their iPad data plans.

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Re: Have iPhone 4S w unlimited data, considering getting iPad w or w out cellular. Plans?
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You should click on "Shop" at the top of the page and you will see the various devices and plans.  With your IPhone, you can tether, but that requires a tethering plan of 2GB for $20 I believe.  I have unlimited tethering for $30, but that is no longer available even with your unlimited data plan.  You just need to spend some time educating yourself as to what's available and then decide what will work best for you.

Re: Have iPhone 4S w unlimited data, considering getting iPad w or w out cellular. Plans?

Thanks. that sounds like what I learned after posting. I ended up in a chat since I was having trouble getting logged in so needed help w that & then asked her about some of this so she clarified.

Apparently the Share plan would have a base fee of $100 for just the iPhone but would include unlimited talk & text & 2 GB data & hotspot. Oh & she said the corp discount I get through our co would only apply on the $60 data plan charge not the $40 phone line access. Or yeah, I could pay $20/mo just so share some of my data w another device.

So I guess I will skip getting an iPad w cellular & probably skip trying to use the iPhone as a mobile hot spot occasionally for $20 extra a mo. Just checked my usage which is probably higher this mo than usual since the mac was in the shop for a few days, although I was still mostly using wifi. But w about 1/3 of the billing period gone I have 23.89 MB of data used. & 39 of 450 min & hardly any text messages since I mostly use iMessages now. Lots of them exchanged but they don't count.

So I like my iPhone very much, but I sure don't like the heft prices Verizon is charging for their services. & I read something about unlimited data going to be lost at upgrade unless the person forgoes the discounted device price & buys their own at full price.

So I think I'll likely keep my iPhone for awhile. I have a nice Otterbox case to protect it & AppleCare+ for it so I can get tech support from Apple who usually does a good job. Plus good training at the Apple store w my One to One subscription as well.

Re: Have iPhone 4S w unlimited data, considering getting iPad w or w out cellular. Plans?
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You heard right.  Verizon stopped selling new unlimited data plans 2 years ago.  The stopped renewing grandfathered unlimited data plans 6/28/2012.  The only way to keep your unlimited data is to not do a subsidized upgrade of your phone.  That means pay full retail price from Verizon or buy your new phone somewhere else such as Ebay, etc. I pay $30 per month for the unlimited hotspot feature with my Droid Razr Maxx and it works very well when I need it such as in the car.  You could get yourself a WIFI tablet and pay $20 for 2GB to tether your IPhone and use WIFI when it is available.