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Help! False promises, No Service for Wks, Defective New iPhone, Used Replacement?

Just transferred my service to Verizon in April 2020 and already feel incredibly ripped off.

Initially, my husband and I were very happy and excited about the idea of making a switch. According to the agents, we would each get a new iPhone 7  and a $250 prepaid MasterCard, upon porting our numbers.

Unfortunately, it has not been as sweet a deal as we thought.

First off, it wasn't until after the fact that we were told our credit would be pulled to get the new iPhones.

Despite asking multiple agents, I'm still unclear about why a credit check was necessary for FREE phones. If I remember right, I'm pretty sure that Verizon ended up pulling my credit more than once simply because I didn't complete my order fast enough.


Around April 20th, our numbers were ported and set up to use with the new iPhones that Verizon provided us with. All was good for about a month and a half, until a regular software update turned into a disaster.

Around June 2nd, my new iPhone 7 restarted from an update, unable to connect to Verizon. It just stopped having service; no calls, texts, and/or data. 

I kept getting error messages and non of Verizon's online troubleshooting worked. After multiple attempts to resolve the issue online, the Verizon techs finally just gave me a number to call. It would have been fine had I had another phone to use. The only phone I had, was the new iPhone 7 that Verizon gave me and wasn't working. So I was out of luck for awhile, until I could get access to a phone.

When I was finally able to borrow someone's phone for longer than 10 minutes, I spent well over an hour troubleshooting with different Verizon staff and still no success. Eventually, the techs concluded that my iPhone was likely a "brick" and instructed me to go to a Verizon Store to confirm that it wasn't an issue with my SIM card.  I went to Verizon, they checked my SIM card, and finally said that the iPhone 7 model that Verizon gave us was defective.

The store tech explained that Apple's website specifically identifies our iPhone 7 models as needing to be replaced

She apologized and said that there was nothing she could do, but give me another Verizon number to call.

So, I called that number, explained the issue AGAIN, and was reassured that I would be sent a new iPhone 7 quickly and at no cost. I gave them my address and waited to get my confirmation email. Shortly after...

#1.  I received a notice from Verizon stating that my credit was pulled yet AGAIN, for the phone that they are sending me to replace the iPhone 7.

#2. I was informed that I would be getting a REFURBISHED phone NOT a NEW IPHONE.

#3. I was told I was lucky it was still under warranty. 

#4. I received a order confirmation email with an incorrect address for my delivery, EVEN THOUGH I repeated my address over and over to them, so as not to get it wrong on the order.

#5. I contacted Verizon to correct the shipping address ASAP. They stated "We have successfully filed the shipping address update request for your replacement phone."

#6. Despite being told that the shipping address was updated, the package was sent to the wrong address and returned to Verizon.

#7. I contacted Verizon again, let them know that I didn't receive the phone because it was sent to the wrong address, and was told that I needed to call another number and order the replacement phone again. 

It is now June 18th, I still don't have a phone, I haven't had service since June 2nd, I don't want my credit pulled again, I've spent hours on the phone, online, and traveling to the store trying to figure this out. On top of everything, my husband just emailed me stating that his iPhone's battery is draining randomly and shutting off unexpectedly. I'm worried that Verizon help remedy that issue either.

Lastly, having all of this going on made me forget about the two $250 prepaid MasterCards that Verizon said we'd get. I contacted them a couple of days ago to ask and they said that I didn't click on some link to redeem the cards. I told them that I didn't get a link. They submitted a "promotion escalation" for me. I don't know what that means but I hope that something comes of it soon.

I'm at a loss. I never ever ever write on boards or complain like this, but I just don't know what to do. Especially during COVID, phones are essential and that's why I'm speaking out.



Re: Help! False promises, No Service for Wks, Defective New iPhone, Used Replacement?
Customer Support

Let's take a closer look, please send us a Private Note. 

Re: Help! False promises, No Service for Wks, Defective New iPhone, Used Replacement?

How do I send a private note?

Re: Help! False promises, No Service for Wks, Defective New iPhone, Used Replacement?
Sr. Member

All carriers do a credit pull for postpaid accounts. Any pull after would be a soft one.

Warranty would also be a refurbished phone unless device is too new then it would be brand new. I'd reach out to Apple directly to see if they'd do a new replacement.

Re: Help! False promises, No Service for Wks, Defective New iPhone, Used Replacement?

I am writing because nothing has been fixed with this issue and 

Re: Help! False promises, No Service for Wks, Defective New iPhone, Used Replacement?

I am writing after a year of no service. Covid was really hard on my family and after spending so much time frustrated and disappointed in Verizon, I had no choice but to put it off so that I could dedicate all my time to working to make ends meet. 

I have not had service for almost a year and the issues at hand were never addressed. I have been paying for service that I have not used AT ALL (no minutes or data used) for almost a year now. Every month for almost a year I have payed the price of two lines and only had one work.

Now that the COVID situation has improved, I found some time to call customer service and request a replacement phone. They were nice enough but when I asked about all of the money I paid for service that I was not able to use, they ignored me and said that they aren't going to do anything about it. What's worse is that when I tried to continue the conversation,  I was completely ignored and they stopped responding. 

I never received the gift cards, I have been without a phone for almost a year, paid for unused service for almost a year, and been inconsiderately disregarded when I ask what they can do to ameliorate the hardship they caused, they ignore me. I asked if there was a credit or compensation they could provide for the hundreds of dollars that I spent on a service that they failed to make available to me. 

Providing a newer model phone, credit to my account, or other fair compensation would be appreciated and demonstrate true customer service. Unfortunately, based on what I've experienced with Verizon, they probably will make an excuse or just say "Too Bad. :("

I came from ATT because I thought Verizon would be better. With all of this poor customer service and inability to meet the basic services we're paying for, I think I might have to go back to ATT and definitely not recommend Verizon to anyone. 

I hope that this post provokes some change in customer service and they decide to be fair with how they make up for the extreme inconvenience and loss of money that they caused me. I hope I'm proved wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was ignored or pushed aside again.