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Iv fallen behind in my bill and would like to catch it up but iv only got available 170$ today. I feel like this bill hits every month and is higher and higher. At this point I may have to cancel service if I cant make an agreement or get some help from you guys on knocking my bill down. Unfortunately i fell behind due to being unemployed for about a month and a half and now that I'm working again, I cant seem to get it caught back up at this time. I trying my best and I love my service, your customer service is always very helpful, and I have nothing but a good report on my experience with Verizon. Sadly my phone screen has been cracked for about 4 months and it only works when I use its included pen, since I currently have the Note 9 on my account. This sort of brings my quality of use and my experience with my Mobil use down a bit because of the damage. With my bill being so high in past months I havent been able to afford screen replacement or the deductible to replace the phone. Really dont get much use only being able to operate the phone with my S Pen makes it sort of annoying. What can i do to fix these things? If anything at all?


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call cs, this is a "how to" forum to fix problems with the phone.

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Customer Support
We want to do all that we can to fix the multiple issues that you've mentioned, so that we can continue as your wireless provider. First, let's make sure that you're subscribing to the best plan to fit your usage and financial budget here:
Did you submit a Promise to Pay online at My Verizon? A promise to pay is a type of payment arrangement and a commitment to pay a certain amount by a specific date to prevent collections activity. For more information regarding how to make a payment arrangement online, click the link below: 
Making a payment arrangement and switching a less expensive plan will allow you to afford the option of getting your device's screen repaired. For your convenience, you can file a claim online here: 
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Your bill might be so high because you CHOSE to get a Note 9. Also if you cancell the remaining balance on that Note 9 will be due immediately. No offesne but the Note 9 is $41.66 a month and I don't get people that get expesensive phones then say "I need help knocking my bill down" What's there that can be knocked down? Depending on your plan on a single line that's between 30%-45% of your bill. Not counting any insurance.