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Horrible reception

I was an att customer for almost 20 years. I live in a rural area and back in the early 2000"s Verizon just would'nt give me the reception I needed but I had excellent reception with att. That all changed back in Feb 2019.

I literally went to bed with great reception and woke up unable to make calls on my cellphone. I had zero bars and my phone said emergency calls only. I have no clue what happened. Nothing changed on my end and att was very unhelpful. After 2 months of hours on the phone with them and no results I got fed up and switched to verizon because they were rated number 1 for coverage.  

I was very disappionted however when I activated my verizon service only to learn it is even worse than att!

I can't make calls inside my house at all with verizon where at least with att I could go in my bedroom and get a few bars. I have to go outside to make calls now and that's very inconvenient. The service is absolutely horrible and customer service has been very unhelpful suggesting I buy a cellphone booster. Why should I have to pay for an expensive cellphone booster to use the service I am already paying for?  You should provide me one for free as much as I pay! Im not getting my money's worth because I can only use my phone outside and even then its not good service and calls drop.

I was very surpised yesterday when a man from my town posted on the town's (Lebanon TN) Hip Lebanon facebook page that he has verizon wireless and he literally has lost service recently and was asking if anyone else is experiencing the same thing.  He said he is lucky to get 2 bars in town and even works next to a tower and still can barely get reception. He had great service until just a few days ago and half the town commented that they are experiencing the exact same thing.

Why? Please explain to me why wireless service can be good one minute and barely exist the next? I find it odd that half the town is having this issue. It seems like coverage is being delibertly stifled somehow or if not what else could be the cause? Att apparently did this too. I plan to switch back to att so I can at least make calls in my bedroom since verizon has been unhelpful but wanted to ask this question since so many in my town are having a problem

Re: Horrible reception

 I cannot answer the why question, obviously that Hass to be addressed directly to Verizon and possibly to AT&T. 

 Choosing a carrier is entirely up to the customer. That means that amongst your selves on Facebook you should determine which carriers actually do supply decent service, and use that carrier instead of either of the big two.     I don’t know whether C-Spire, T-Mobile, Sprint, or some other local carrier has the best service in your area. It does sound like your Facebook group is a great way to figure out who is getting good service and what carrier seems to be more successful.   

 Your Verizon phones should be universal, especially if they are pixel or iPhone. So taking them with you to another carrier is an option.

Re: Horrible reception
Sr. Member

Wireless service is radio signal, the more devices accessing the signal and using the bandwidth closest to the servicing tower affects the service quality for everyone, both speed and distance wise.

The fastest remedies for such an issue are to either switch to a provider with a closer tower or more bandwidth in the problem location or move to another location. 

Re: Horrible reception
Customer Support

We certainly don’t want you to have to consider leaving the Verizon Wireless family, nickysduck2. You made a great choice to come to us, and we won’t let you down. Let’s take a look at all the options together. I’ve sent you a Private Note to explore this in further detail.