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Horrific Customer Service

I just got off the phone after talking to 3 people about my bill, which is an issue within itself, and not getting anywhere.  But the kicker was, I spoke with the second person names Alfonso.  When he gave me some of the answers I was asking, he said them like this "so how do you like that? huh?" and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was met with "why do you want to speak with a supervisor? are you gonna give us money or not" and I just repeated that I wanted to speak to a supervisor and he continued to harass me..."a supervisor will tell you the same thing I am, how do you like that?".  I hadn't heard his name when he first got on the line because I am at work myself (in customer service no less) and I was on a phone call, so i asked him his name and he said "I already gave that to you, its not my fault you forgot. I'm not giving it to you again".  In the years between myself and my husband that we've had Verizon, as well as all of my extended family, no one has EVER been spoken to like that.  In the end, I was shuttled around to multiple people who couldn't help me figure out why I had received a text reminding me to make a payment or promise to pay by "today" to avoid disconnection, and yet our phones were disconnected 2 hours after  I received the text, during a work day, when neither of us had a chance to even address it yet. And iIended up being "transferred" (IE. purposely hung up on) one last time as i was trying to talk to someone through my tears. This was by far an AWFUL experience. That man was rotten and mean.  I'm filing an arbitration and I just want out. Heartless people. 

Re: Horrific Customer Service

Their Customer Service his horrible.