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How messed over am I? :) Chat rep said no restocking, could get bogo

We have been loyal customers for 13 years. (even the 5 or so months we had to stand on the front porch to get a signal, when towers changed, my wife takes medical calls 50% of the days and nights a year, but verizon worked with us until it was fixed).  So 3 weeks ago I began researching an apple watch and an iphone for my wife (ends up a galaxy S7 /knockoff case can fall out of your pocket while feeding miniature horses used at nursing homes, be frozen immediately in 2 inches of ice from a blizzard, 6 inches of snow, get run over by a mini van, and 6 days later thaw in rains and terrible storms, and still work, but wife is angry I went a week with no smartwatch!) 

So Dec I started chatting with reps to learn about apple smartwatches, and the kids gizmo.  great chats.  Finally committed to switching to iphones when a rep told us

1. there was a way to get the BOGO, add a line, and switch my old number onto that line and cancel my old line.

2. thereis no restocking fee if both ordered and returned online

So we got 2 iphone Xrs.  My bill was a disaster with my sons $7.75 gizmo showing up as like $31 and our 4 lines with same service all showing different amounts, reps said "it will sort out in 2-3 billing cycles".  oh good, will you extend the returns that long if there is an error?


So i went to make all the changes, now verizon chat reps say no- we have to pay full price both Iphones.  AND there is a restocking fee, AND I am beyond the return timetable of 14 days (it was purchased during the 11/22 to 12/31 holiday season so qualifies for the extended 1/15 date..its on the website.  one chat rep said "show me the link!" I got a new computer and my old one had the screen shot of the extended return policy, and then i realized it was still on their website if you search extended return policy!

So, I dont know how much im going to be charged, it appears verizon reps can say anything, then tell you to wait, then say "oops beyond the date should have taken care of it long before a few billing cycles!"

Id switch to ATT after 13 years, but my wife is a medical doctor and needs the best signal, and we know verizon got the kinks worked out locally, the local EMS guys prefer verizon too here.  But Man I am working on her to switch to ATT.  i would have done it last night but they had a glitch in their system that reported my credit score wrong and they wanted $1234.74 up front for two phones, instead of the $12.34 it should have been, rep tried to keep me on but I logged off and checked my credit report (all good).  Ill keep trying to convince the wife that Verizons service isnt that different than ATT, and they have a slightly better veterans discount, we would save $20 but mostly its just that verizon didnt seem to care we had been here through pretty much the entire RISE of the smartphone! And that their reps just spout out things they should be trained on.. I mean Im not asking about transmission frequencies..its a restocking fee, BOGO, and holiday extended returns!

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Re: How messed over am I? :) Chat rep said no restocking, could get bogo
Customer Support

Being provided with correct information is essential; we want to help set the record straight, KRYSIUM. We greatly value you and your wife as long-time Verizon Wireless customers and don’t want to see you leave. The dates you have mentioned do qualify you for the holiday return period, good  news there! Concerning restocking fees, a restocking fee of $50.00 would be applied if the devices were removed from their original packaging. With promotional credits that discount a device, this can take 2-3 billing cycles to be applied but you will be compensated retroactively. Has the equipment been removed from the original packaging? Why was the BOGO offer not able to be applied? Were you further advised about promotional credits? Looking forward to hearing back.


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